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Trombone Tutu Glam Squad

I’ve decided that since I already rock tiaras on my birthday, christmas, and

Tiaras. Check! Makeup. Check! Click to see bhcosmetics palettes & glam up!

valentine’s day; that it may be appropriate to add pretty glamorous tutus to my ensemble for new year’s! Please don’t. 

I mean, why the heck not. It IS a special occasion, after all. Do not get more glitter. Oh gosh how I love glitter… and unicorns!

Anywho, now that all the hullaballoo has passed and the flitter of glitter has settled I suppose it’s time to get back into those work routines. Boo!

Hey, I love my job… so, Yay!

Full disclosure, it has been so tough getting back on the horn this year. You play the horn now? No. Pay attention. 2018 has been gong on for two weeks. I know! And I’ve wanted to utilize that time to sleep more! Hibernating much? Must be the weather. Yeah – the weather – thats totally it! …or lazy. 

IMG_5431.jpgSoooo… In honor of picking up that trombone and glamming it up, oh geez. I trucked right on over to the nail salon – no wonder your typing so slowly – and initially had my sights on an ombre nail, with randomly chosen nails, all in a gleaming white with splashes of glitter on them. You didn’t. No, sadly I didn’t leap. I opted for the tried and true yawn-a-thon blush/nude. Which, goes with everything and makes my short stumpy sausages actually look long and feminine. Wait a minute, did you actually say “trombone?” Ah, love that. The trombone? No, silly. Fun AND boring nails! I may opt for the fun, gliteratti glamtastical next trip though… with a stiletto shaping!

BH Cosmetics

For the folks, namely, the gents who read this,  Yeah, they IMG_5432.jpghave names for the shapes that you prefer your nails are filed. Girl problems. This was -for whatever reason- news to me, as I usually just try to play cherades with the nail tech. *stands up, makes monkey sound and arm movements to emulate the shape of nails wanted

You want, oval, round, stiletto (pointy), squared, ballerina (not as pointy but looks like the toe point of a ballerina slipper)… oh and my favorite…. squoval. Squoval? I don’t know. And not really my favorite. Apparently I am NOT the only person who makes up her own words. You’re not. I know- I was baffled by this also!Although…  I really enjoy saying the word… squooooo-val. Stop it. Squoval. Knock it off. Haha…. squovallll.
Speaking of getting loud instruments to annoy others with…  Wait, what? If you’re having trouble getting motivated this new year; I suggest checking out our new video on crushing your goals. I must admit, I had to refer to it when wanting to get back on said obnoxious horn. *She said wearing a tiara and pink fluffy unicorn slippers… saying squoval

One last call of the wild  before I go… Oh no. 

Oh yes… squoval.

Is it fair that I shave my legs in the morning and I am a Yeti by noon?

*slaps forehead

This is NOT helping my motivational process.

You’ve gotta be kidding me. 

Yetis unite!


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