Boardwalk Beauty

My 1920s Look

As Boardwalk Empire is in it’s last season, I just wanted to point out -wait for it- that the producers missed out in a huge opportunity to really take this amazing show further. It’s coming… Wait for it. How did they not see that it wouldn’t go beyond five seasons without this pertinent character? You’re going to love this idea… Wait for it. They’ve pretty much killed every one off in season four and need some new blood. Well, hello, I don’t know my blood type but this new blood absolutely belongs as a guest star. I could be O+…. I don’t know, probably not even vampire worthy… moving on. But hey HBO, you need me! Plus I like to play pranks on my cast mates, which couldn’t be more annoying and distracting. Just a thought. Seriously, this time, moving on…

I could be Nucky Thomspon’s new love interest. Go with me on this… A performer on the beach, who suddenly can’t swim and Nucky jumps in with his fancy clothes to save me. I mean, who jumps in the ocean with a tight rope balancing stick anyway? Uh… this bitch! My character’s name should be Marla. I don’t know where that came from either but since it’s set back in the 1920s, I imagine Marla is a good name. Spoiler alert. So Nucky is going to find out that Marla is really a spy, only, she is disguised -and introduced- as a beach performer. As everyone has warmed up to Nucky, now a reformed bootlegging mobster, Marla will be working with, What he will think, is an innocent unicyclist fawning for his attention; but really… She’s working for the crooked cop guy who was busted down and his vengeance toward Nucky is futile. So Marla’s gotta “off” Margaret’s nosey butt, but instead sends her and her children away under false pretenses. Hey, I can’t play a killer. I have a weak stomach. So, back to the secret spy part… So, she uses Nucky, to convince crooked cop guy, Van Alden, that she’s just a girl wrapped up in a crazy scheme. And when the shit hits the fan… Everyone turns up dead or in jail and she shows up at the end of this final season on Arnold Rothstein’s arm! What the hell?! Ohhhh yeah, edge of your seat writers… Arnold and Marla have been plotting all along to take over the East coast, knocking off every mobster and bootlegger in their wake. Remember when Rothstein was making these secret phone calls and trips in season 3? (I think it was season 3) well… It was him and Marla making a fail-proof plan to over take Jersey City. I know. I know. Now that I think about the twists and turns Marla will be doing to flip this show upside down, she’s kind of a whore. Dammit… well, on the bright side, fans of Boardwalk Empire… You’re welcome. 

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