Workout Breakdown

I’ve been back on my workouts now for a few days and I’m sore as all hell. My trainer is clearly ignoring my whining and keeps coming back to torture me. Something tells me he likes to incur pain. So, mom says to drink watermelon juice to ease the soreness. Always one for a natural solution, I promise her I would try it today. Right after my coffee. And another painful fitness session. And a meeting. And… Ah hell, I will get to it later. 

Funny thing is, I used to love working out and enjoying the sore muscles quotient. But now… It’s a struggle to even think about spandex. That thought alone is exhausting. It’s a jumping jack. Do one. Ugh, No. 
Ok so I will end up working out anyway because I have an overachiever complex. Ta-da! I can do do it all. Bom. Bom. Bom. But when my nervous breakdown comes just be sure to have tons of junk food on hand. And a baby elephant. I don’t know… Who wouldn’t want a baby elephant? No one. Ok fine. A baby elephant is excessive. And not a good workout buddy. And too big to house. Dammit. Anywhere. So potbelly piggy it is… I’m going to name him paperweight. That’ll encourage me… Ah hell, forget it. I’m just going sit right here in my pajamas. 

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