The BUJO Business

Staying organized – for me – is literally the only way I feel like I can accomplish what I need. I like to check off lists.


I like to cross off the items.

You have a problem.

Yeah… it’s a sickness. “Hello. My name is Rita and I’m a life-hack-oholic. I’m so organized, that my lists… have lists.”

“Hello, Rita.” says – in unison – the life-hack-oholic support group.

But, as I’ve always heard, there is NO SUCCESS WITHOUT SCHEDULING. Therefore, I feel it is in my best interest – and others – that we get right on top of that damn horse and ride our organized butts into the okay corral sunset!

This way, too, if I’m feeling some kind-of-way about my day. I.e. sad, apathetic, procrastinating, lazy, or whatever. Then, regardless of FEELINGS I will be able to get my tasks done regardless because, well… lists don’t have feelings. And they don’t care whether I do them or not.


My bujo’s, or for those new to this style of organization, bullet journal’s for me are usually just the overview for the month. I jot down in large scale each month those “to-do’s” and “have-to’s.” The “honey-do’s” and naturally, my “holy crapolas!” that I cannot procrastinate any longer. Which thankfully, that last category is usually smaller than the rest. Also, what I enter into my overview, doesn’t necessarily dictate whether it’s just that important for that month until months end where I can decide it needs to get wrapped up or I just need to push it to the following month. It really takes the pressure off myself. And if you know me, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. lol

I like to keep my bujos simple. Short. Sweet. And to the point.

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I am envious of those who BUJO on a larger scale. But, the reality is, I’ll just end up getting overwhelmed by an organizing system that should be kept simple. Therefore, I keep my pages down to no more than four. Sometimes, I change it up and trade one page out for another; but usually it’s DEFINITELY… no more than a four page investment.

And really, who the hell wants to refer to five different books of organization to be organized anyway?! *I do, I do

Ha. Yeah, right.

So, away we go…

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2019 Target Bikini Haul

What better way to bring the summer to a close than with a bikini haul! In this short and sweet post today, I will be showing you four cute bikinis that I found from Target for less than $30 each! Now, I don’t know about you; but, I am a swimsuit freak! I love swimsuits. I have one pieces, two pieces, sexy suits, party suits, sporty suits, boy brief suits, inappropriate suits….

We get the idea.


So… away we go!

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Special Delivery! Or not…

What is it with two-day Prime delivery now available, that when we actually do have to wait a bit longer for something we are impatiently throwing stones at our mailboxes.

You don’t do that? Hm-mm… Just me then.

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I’m always about keeping money in my pocket as opposed to spending it. I have not always been that way; but as I get older, I get pinching those pennies to a whole new level.

I constantly find new ways to DIY it which almost ALWAYS saves me a fraction of what I’m paying someone else to do and more often than not, upon figuring it out myself, I tend to do a better job of it and no one is the wiser.

don’t mean to brag; but…

Unless you brag about it.

Yeah, I do that.

Anyway, I ordered some really cute spring nail polish (gel) in January.

It’s March.

Exactly, and it’s still not freaking here.

It would be one thing if I ordered it off the Wish App. Girls, you feel me on that one?

shop til you drop, baby!

If you’re not familiar, the Wish app is a shopping app where you buy direct from overseas – for waaaaayyyyy cheaper than we can buy in the states. While this is a pretty cool app and from time to time I have had to delete the damn thing to control my impulse shopping; I have generally not had any issues with it.

Friends, family and the like that I have passed along this sweet app to have not always had the same experience as I have had. The clothes don’t fit right, the packages never arrived, customer service never responded to me, etc. You get the idea. Yeah, don’t download the app? No. That’s not what I’m saying, pay attention.

Shop now!

I, on the other hand, have had good experiences with the clothes (they run two times smaller than American sizes), most of my packages arrived safe and sound (and even earlier than expected), and when there was a customer service issue, they responded quickly and in some cases returned my money for a damaged item, or non-received item, etc.

delivery status update, please.

Great experiences! Like you said. Right.

Now, I tell you the background story on the Wish App because if I was waiting for over two months for an item, it is to be expected. My expectations are in line with how the Wish App works.

Well, I ordered nail polish (gel) from the Wish App, and it NEVER arrived. Customer service was great, they refunded my moula and so I decided to buy from Amazon. I LOVE Amazon. By the way. LOVE!! Plus, I figured it’d get to me within a reasonable amount of time. Compared to… you know, never.

So when I ordered a set of cute trendy spring colors gel nail polish, I didn’t anticipate waiting longer than a week, maybe even two! IWhich is why I chose to order from our beloved Prime account in the first place. I wasn’t going to leave it to chance. Heaven forbid I get a letter from customs thinking I’m trying to smuggle in contraband beauty products!

I’ve been waiting for months. Literally.

Let Me Break It Down…

tik-tok… just a waitin’ fool

JAN 30TH: I’m waiting, so I swipe a nude/glitter polish on my nails and I lay in loathing.

JAN 31ST: I hate this color.

FEB 13TH: Still waiting…. I pop off my nails a few weeks. Do some outdoorsy hiking crap, get dirty. No worry on the nails even though they look like all holy hell and my girlfriends frown when they see I’ve still NOT re-polished and primed.

FEB 20TH: Still waning. I mean, waiting. No… waning. I’m definitely waning, or maybe it’s whining.

FEB 21ST: Either way, I’m still waiting. And now nail biting.

MAR 7TH: Focus on my 2-a-day’s at the gym, catch up on some reading, cleaning and organizing my space.

MAR 14TH: Decide to give my short, natural nails a swipe of white polish. I feel cute, trendy and rockin’. For about a day. Re-organizing my space. Again.

Put it here. Move that there…. la-di-dah

MAR 25TH: St. Paddy’s Day has come and gone. Still waiting. Peeled off that white-off, paper mate, look which was no longer working for me. Decide to check the delivery tracking. APRIL 9TH?!! Delivery expected by April – freaking – 9th!

APR 2ND: Stares out the window, looking for the stork to bring newborn nail polish colors to my doorstep. Wonders if they had to make the formulas from scratch upon receiving my order. And also, why didn’t I notice the delivery expectation date when ordering?

So, as of this post, it still has not arrived. And, since the delivery expected date said the ninth, it’s likely I won’t see these little bottles of nail beauty for another week.



*hence, read the fine print!


EVEN when it’s TWO. DAY. PRIME.