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Un-decorating My-Summer Party | Part One

Un-decorating My-Summer Party.

Conflicting party vibes, only need apply. *wink

Isn’t it oh, so bittersweet?! On one hand, I find myself longing for these warm, summertime vibes of oceanic breezes to linger. While on the other hand, I can hardly contain thine excitement, boisterously espousing:

“Only a few more weeks to go before our beloved pumpkin spice err’ything gets popp’n !”  

One thing’s for sure, I have found that I have much to do before summer’s end!

And, it’s most dizzying!

Alas, I’ll be sharing my many, unfinished outdoor projects, half-ass gardening results from this year (not all my fault tho… darn you, lack of rain!), some hasty decluttering indoors, refreshing of spaces and wow!

That’s a lot of content to send your way before we get back to my real life of hustling for those acting jobs, running a business, and oh yes, writing.

Ohhhhh…. So. Much. Writing. To be done.

Un-decorating My Summer Party |Part 1 |Shift your focus!

Un-decorating My-Summer Party - Part One

So, before we get too overwhelmed, check out the last two videos posted on the YouTube (and Rumble) Channel, where I guide you on where to start when it comes to getting ready for fall, decluttering a space, and how to work with the wardrobe that you got instead of heading to the stores for the latest fashions, or opting into the fast fashions from those beyond-cheap apps using essentially, slave labor!

This week, let’s start with the fact that I had two – yes, count them _ TWO, different un-decorating reveals! We’ll start with part one below. This was the un-decorating I began before I decided to go all HGTV and give my kitchen, dressing room, and office small makeovers.

Decluttering Your Closet : a few tips to try

There are always a few questions the experts ask us to query when decluttering.

  • Does it fit?
  • Did I wear it?
  • Have I worn it…. ever?
  • Would I buy it again?

While all very good, I also add this into my decluttering routine.

  • How do I feel when I look at it? Good? Bad? So-so?
  • Is this who I still am? Who I want to convey to the world?
  • Is this still working with my current style?
  • Is this still working with my current body shape? Clothes, over time, can misshapen, shrink, or we can outgrow them.
  • The “One in, Two out” Rule – for every item purchased, two like-items should be prepared to go. Ex. I bought 3 new dresses; 6 old dresses gotta go.
  • For “on the fence” items, I use the black box (or black trash bag) method. I put it inside, let some time pass, and if I have not thought about it, or searched for it, take it back out and wear it, it goes. It’s a goner. Bye-bye.

When it comes to what the Minimal Mom likes to call the, “Time Will Tell” bin/box/bag; pick a time that works with your lifestyle. Meaning, I will allow my black box to hang tight with all my other donations boxes/bags for about a season.*Okay, sometimes four seasons – Ha! But for real, If I haven’t pulled WHATEVER it is I was unsure about, it’s clear it’s time for it to go. This way my actual decision was made for me in a way. It removes the stress of regretting that I tossed it as it sits there in its waiting basket, awaiting it’s final destination. haha.

Maybe you have items you might be able to resell. Great idea! If you have the time, energy, space, and mental bandwidth to execute the next set of tasks of helping you move said “sellable” items along – then I say, “Go for it!”

Mid-Summer’s Gardening Woes : Or is it?

And, while it may be too late to plant anything for harvest this year – at this point – except maybe three radishes… I will be giving planting my onions, and garlic another go round this year as I think my timing was just way off in prior seasons. I just learned about something in gardening called “over-wintering.”

But, before we go conversating with that future fall-planting self, let’s give some mid-season planting and crop love updates, in the video below:

How To, humor, self-help

A Shed, Some Bread, & A Dog… Oh My!

It’s summer and it’s diy time! Today we tackle a shed, some bread, & a dog… Oh My!

Between the extreme heat warnings, the readiness to jump out the door for poolside fun, and oh yeah! Those, oh so dire, attempts at trying to get ANY work done in the office…. An overwhelm of brain fragmenting, and seriously, my brain just keeps crossing it’s wires. Shutting off. No thoughts. No thinking. Just that ‘knock! knock! ‘No one’s home type of action. It’s too hot. I’m so sweaty. Where’s fall, already? And, I’m definitely off track. Again. So, I digress.

The Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook: Bewitchingly Delicious Recipes for Fans of the Halloween Classic (Unofficial Hocus Pocus Books)

  • If your projects seem to be never-ending this summer, then you are not alone! I’m rowing that same canoe.
  • If you’re one of those peeps who enjoys their summer time sans projects and good at incorporating sun rays and beach waves; good for you! I’m jelly.

And since laying around, watching the birds chirp just isn’t my thing –

– not for lack of want but bc I cannot sit still for nuthin’ – it was time to dust off the list, and check an item off the list of outdoor construction projects… the shed. This thing was just so disgusting. Termites, voles living underneath the structure, nests of other bugs within the walls, deterioration of the wood, black mold, wood rot due to improper insulation and/or the build itself not properly sealed.

Take a look at the video below to see how I de-constructed that gnarly thang! I did it fairly quickly in three stages. I started with the roof, then attacked the walls, and finally removed the foundation. The word foundation is used loosely here as it was also rotten and foul.

Maybe you’re not even a “go outdoors in the summer” kinda gal (or dude) and prefer an indoor activity? While, I have some good (indoor) stuff in store for you in upcoming posts, today’s I ventured indoors to bake some bread. It’s the easiest recipe I’ve ever used and I get perfect results every time. It’s technically a ‘french bread, high altitude’ recipe I found online; but from what I’ve heard, high altitude recipes just call for a higher heat time while baking. Let me know if this is true, and if this is the only reason that it’s high altitude! I’d love some confirmation on this!

No time to watch any videos?

Check out my free printable BREAD RECIPE CARD below and get baking right away!


bruno taste testing fresh bread

Naturally, I had to grab my number one taste tester, Bruno! My labpei is quirky guy, with tons of personality and he is NOT shy when it comes to food. He knows what he loves, and spits out what he don’t! And, I think we can say that Bruno was definitely loving today’s loaf!

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My Mediterranean (Courtyard) Makeover
DIY, house and home, humor

My Mediterranean (Courtyard )Makeover

My Mediterranean (Courtyard) Makeover! I know what you’re thinking. This has zero to do with writing, acting, or new music. And… you’d be correct.

My Mediterranean (Courtyard) Makeover

It’s that time of year again where I shift my attention from that show business thing to some real life things. Enter,  home and garden, and a bit o’ that house-wifery lifestyle. Writers, and artists alike, from time to time, there comes a moment where you need to get out and live life. Whatever that means for you… find it, and do it. For me, it’s been reconnecting with that inner creative from your childhood, making things, creating things that really no one else would see.

As an adult, maybe this includes a failed loaf of bread, or a bad set of shelves made from cardboard, you know, something that had a lot of vision but execution was questionable. For me, that’s a peek into my  homemaking-thuglife.

Ha. Omgosh. *slaps forehead

While I have been constantly filling my cup with  filming and collecting b-roll like a maniac for quite a many months, (holy crap! Maybe two years worth at this point! Oyvey!) …getting situated to edit, organize, blog, pod’, and publish is very tasking, and ohhhh… so time consuming. 

And I tend to talk myself out of it…


<3 my work but take timely breaks!
<3 my work but take timely breaks!

It’s not that i don’t LOVE my time-honored crafts –    please don’t drag out the soap box – my cherished routines of the feathered penmanship – Oh Geez – the deep, inner thoughts I dare to dream – Nope. – the library’s pages dost thouThat’s it. – a ladder’s step up to a book’s dreamy lyrical hop scotch – What. Does. That… Even. Mean. Stop it.

Okay. Cheerio. The British accent too


Today, it was time to fill my cup in another way. My Mediterranean (Courtyard) Makeover! What’s with the cup references?

Hush. I’m trying to be poetic. Well, knock it off and get to the point.

Geez, your pushy this post. *shakes head

Today, I take to my creative unruliness within my bones and while pacing my boring – it is boring – truly boring – gosh, it truly is so boring – boring entryway. It was time to freshen up that space! I’ve been wanting to do something with this area for so long and so much so that last year prior, I began it’s journey from blah to Ah!

Ay there. Don’t forget to mention how boring it was.

First, with that old lady grocery cart. That is the most embarrassing utility cart ever to be put into production; but, ever so useful! It can carry a truckload of groceries from trunk to countertop in one trip and for that… I’ll gladly be coined a retired old maid; if need be! While the rest of you take fifty trips’ on those hauls, I’ll do just the one. Funk you berry much! *curtsy, and a wave

What was that? What. That? That what?

That “funk” thing. Oh! That! Yes, yes… I’ve been working on my vernacular to exclude words of the curse-related and swearing-kind. Ah. Gotcha. Okay then.. whatever, carry on.


The most fun for me during this courtyard makeover had to be hand painting a Greek-inspired textile rug. Is it technically a “textile” rug; since it was painted? Wait. What is a textile? It’s the pattern?

textiles are the material? Or the pattern?

No. It’s the material, I think.

My gosh, does it matter?

I think it matters. People who know what that word actually means; it will definitely matter. Ugh. Just move on from the textile thing. Yes, grand idea. 

 So, moving on without figuring out exactly what textiles are – material? pattern? don’t know – I already knew I didn’t want to spend another dime on buying rugs that just keep getting ruined. (I have Bruno, and the hubby. Between the two, fuhget about it. Dirt. Hair. Textiles. Pick your battles.) Plus, I just love how the Greek Isles harbor so much white and bright Cerulean Blue hues within their landscape.

My Mediterranean (Courtyard) Makeover

Hold on. You know what Cerulean Blue looks like… but still a no, on textile.

Adding a few touches, like whitewashed pots, raised, in multiple sizes placed strategically on/around the floor, the trellis accents on the walls with faux flower boxes to mimic that Mediterranean sidewalk and a few chairs and customized bench accented with those bold blue shades to present tied with a bow. It all came together – while an eternity passed – just one piece at a time. And I wouldn’t have changed the pace nor time it took to do so.

Oh! You know what I’d like to add to My Mediterranean (Courtyard) Makeover? Some bougainvillea. I LOVE those low maintenance, drought-resistant, pretty plants! I’m getting ahead of myself – again. Maybe next go round. *shrugs

Watch the quick transformation for My Mediterranean (Courtyard) Makeover Reel here:

This was just a precious diy project and now it is a lovely space for laughing, enjoy cafes, reading or just an eye-pleasing walk through as guests come to visit our home.

At some point, I have a sneaking suspicion I may throw a little more white paint around and add a few white columns around the space. But, for now, I’ll enjoy what I’ve done thus far; as its so pleasing now to enjoy my reading out on that courtyard patio with an iced, anything.

And, that is right where I want to be!

Enjoy the long form of My Mediterranean (Courtyard) Makeover video transformation here!