Slip N Sleep

Ok. I know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But this bed tho!!! It’s like Vegas seeks out to find the softest, squishiest and cloud-like mattresses and pillows on the planet! Sinking down into these sheets, nuzzling into the sexiest, bare chest… Oh wait. That was part of a dream. Dammit. Go back to sleep. Go back to sleep. Go back to sleep. Crap. How can a bed made of heaven be so comfortable that I am not even able to get past my insomniac ways and count my sheep as I doze back off to my dirty dreamland. Bah. Stupid insomnia. 

Since sleeping is never a luxury I get to endure, guess it means I need to find something else to fill my time. I hop my grumpy ass up out of heaven, make some coffee and head to the studio. Do my.. La-La-La’s as I’m en route, so as not to waste time on my particulars …and away I go. Knock out a few tracks until now the sun has woken it’s sleepy eyes to the day and I head back to my hotel with a yawn in one hand and a chamomile tea in the other. As I let the the bathtub fill up with hot and bubbly relaxation, I get undressed and trip over my own feet. Face first. Lights out. I awaken to the water beneath my nose on the bathroom floor. Shit! I over-flowed the bath tub. Again! Why does THIS scenario keep repeating itself… Crap. Crap. Crap. The hotel staff is banging at the door and I yell to them that everything is fine. I fell and bumped my head. Literally. But I’m ok. Seems as though they don’t care that I’m ok-and only covered by hand towel- but merely that the hotel guests in the room below me are in a shower of my overflowing bath bubbles and they don’t see the calming effect of the lavender scent like I do. 
Two hours later. The buzzing around Floor 38 has hushed to a dull gossip as I finally lay my non-cleansed booty down to rest. I don’t even care anymore. I’ll relish in my filth at this point if it means I can finally get some zzzzz’s. All my fizzy scented water lovelies went to waste on the floor below me. They still don’t see the value. And all I got was an overwhelming dose of it in the air making my room smell of dusty flowers.

Good night friends. Good night scented oil that I get to choke on all night. Good night stupid sheep. Now, where’s that handsome bare chest… Sigh. Zzzz. 

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