My BIG Monkey

My monkey is big
My monkey is bright 
My monkey is goofy 
My monkey…
Is soft and squishy. Is it? It’s hairy fun to play with (Yippee!) …and role playing has taken to new heights. Monkeys in a barrel! I play with my monkey in the bedroom. Huh? A proverbial monkey? I play with my monkey in the bathtub. Where you going with this? I have even played with my monkey in the back seat of my car. Are we talking about an actual monkey?  I love that my monkey travels with me everywhere. Or YOUR “monkey?” We are attached at the hip. I bet you are, monkeylicious.
My big monkey… Is the best, most cutest iPhone case on the planet! Ohhhh, your talking about your case for your cell. Whew! Totally thought you were talking about something else. It makes my phone bigger than both my hands can carry but for what it lacks in convenient travel compactibility, it makes up for in personality. And you dirtballs thought I was writing porn, wow… Nasty goobers. 

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