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Third Quarter Fitness Check Up

We are in the third quarter of the year now, summer is officially over and now it’s time to check back in on some of those goals we have set for ourselves this year!

Most particularly, those darn fitness goals!

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Most of us get side tracked over the summer months. You too? Yes, me too. I mean, there are burgers and fries… EVERYWHERE. It’s almost impossible to escape! Even the best of us can succumb to some bad habits in an effort not to hurt the feelings of  a host/hostess of a barbecue. Selfish jerk. And heaven forbid you let the host of a party know you’re the A-hole who doesn’t want to eat what they’ve taken – both the time and energy – to present to their guests.

Yes, I’m usually that A-hole.

giphy.gifI start with the usual… “What a beautiful spread, um, would you happen to have something else that no one probably, regularly eats?” And it’s returned with the agitated facial response of, “really, b*tch…”

I don’t mean to be.. it’s just, I have that per view on my future and would like to live to 108 years young. A diet of trans fats and high sugars just isn’t going to get me there. And hey, by now, we all know what we should eat and what we should pull way back on anyway. So, really.. am I the A-hole?’

Yes. You still are. Where are your manners? 

Right. Noted. Well, moving on…

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Geesh. Well, in my defense… It’s literally. NOT. Rocket science. And neither is a decent workout plan. It’s intimidating to get started in the gym. You worry if you’re going to be the heaviest one there, or if you’re going to be snickered at by other visitors and the reality is that NO. And, NO. Everyone at the gym is there to work on themselves. 

Nobody cares that you are there. Nobody cares about what exercises you are doing. And look, nobody cares about you the way you should care about you. You follow me? If you have time to look around at others and focus on them – rather than yourself – then you are not focused on the most important person in the gym at that moment. Yes. I am talking about YOU. YOU are the most important person at the gym when you are at the gym. Let me repeat…


200w.gifThis doesn’t mean you walk around slinging weights against the walls and hog all the machines, or scoff at a dirty water fountain. This simply means, you are to focus on you, your health, your fitness goals, and what you have set out for yourself to get done this fine day in the gym during YOUR time there. No chatting it up at the water fountain. No chillin’ on a machine yacking away with some other lazy gym-wannabe.


Okay, enough preaching… Oh, Lord thank you! Anyway, if you have been working out all year then I sincerely and humbly CONGRATULATE YOU! We are now in the third quarter of the year, life is good, and you are sailing through your fitness goal-setting. Do a little dance when you get home! If you are just getting on the horn here, no worries, you are also in deserving of a CONGRATULATIONS! …As well. Effort is the main requirement. How much or how little effort depends on you and only you and your goals! pexels-photo-1510540.jpeg

Oh.. and of course,  do a little dance!

If you are a newbie, then do these abdominal exercises once through (there are five exercises for this workout) at 10-12 repetitions. Work your way each day (yes, you can work your abs every day because they recover the fastest than the rest of your body parts) until you are doing all 5 exercises in this video at 12-15 repetitions, three times. If you’re just trying to change up your routine and challenge your abs then work through this routine three times through, with – at minimum – 12-15 repetitions, three times and work your way up to 20 repetitions each exercise, three times through.



  1. V SIT UPS – 12 REPS x 3 SETS



For those of you who like a workout buddy, take me with you and we’ll start off together in my latest post! I go once through each exercise, walking you through what I do and what’s been working for me! And hopefully, this will help rev up your workouts as well! 


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As for the douchebags that are hanging at the gym. Bothering others.

Pay no attention to them.

They’re mothers never hugged them enough.

healthy and beauty, humor, self-help, surgery

It’s the botox, baby!

Some of you may cringe at the sight of needles and frankly… I don’t do well with them either.


Every time I have to get a blood draw for health reasons, I implore the nurse to know that without fail, if she (or he) decides to keep me upright, that it will indubitably ensure my limp body will collapse to that bland white linoleum tile flooring below me there, under that school desk we call a professional medical chair, and I just don’t know how long it will be until I wake up. Although, in the past smelling salts and those Hershey’s Gold Nugget chocolates seemed to work quite well! Brought me right back! Who doesn’t love chocolate! Am I right? Freaking Yum!

Except when I’m getting plugged with fillers! What?

stock photo day spa oils and herbs display

Circling back. Ah. Gotcha. You know, the cow botulism! At least that’s what I think it is. Hmmm. I actually don’t care what it is; I just LOVE it’s fountain-of-youth effects. And before you so kindly think, “but Rita, you are already so youthful in appearance” (*curtsy, thank you to a lifetime of exercise and fairly good habits for that), I hate wrinkles or the parts of the face that do that slight dip bc the collagen wants to run away. Now, I’ve had a procedure called Ultherapy and I wish they did it at more day spas because – the short and sweet version – that procedure takes ten years off your face – practically – instantaneously! And that one can be done annually, or every three years.

I’m overdue.

For me, doing these things to myself – while some people think it’s absolutely nuts – I look at it as a form of self care and really self love. If I feel good about myself AND can stave off the aging process…. well, HELL! I’MA KICKING BUTT!

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DON’T get me wrong. There are people out there who have treated their minds and bodies horribly who do these procedures too. But, I feel it shows. Like no matter what they’ve done to “fix” the vanity issue on the surface, it’s prevalent that there is more going on underneath. DRINK YOUR WATER, PEOPLE! EAT SOME VEGGIES!

No bandaids!


Alrighty! So awayyyyy we go! See how I pamper myself at the medical spa in Scottsdale, AZ in the video below! This place is great and Lindsay is amazing! You can find her on Instagram @scottsdalebeautynurse – TELL HER I SENT YA!

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It’s a #selfcare #selflover thang

What do all of you do for your #selfcare and #selflove practices? Comment below!

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The BUJO Business

Staying organized – for me – is literally the only way I feel like I can accomplish what I need. I like to check off lists.


I like to cross off the items.

You have a problem.

Yeah… it’s a sickness. “Hello. My name is Rita and I’m a life-hack-oholic. I’m so organized, that my lists… have lists.”

“Hello, Rita.” says – in unison – the life-hack-oholic support group.

But, as I’ve always heard, there is NO SUCCESS WITHOUT SCHEDULING. Therefore, I feel it is in my best interest – and others – that we get right on top of that damn horse and ride our organized butts into the okay corral sunset!

This way, too, if I’m feeling some kind-of-way about my day. I.e. sad, apathetic, procrastinating, lazy, or whatever. Then, regardless of FEELINGS I will be able to get my tasks done regardless because, well… lists don’t have feelings. And they don’t care whether I do them or not.


My bujo’s, or for those new to this style of organization, bullet journal’s for me are usually just the overview for the month. I jot down in large scale each month those “to-do’s” and “have-to’s.” The “honey-do’s” and naturally, my “holy crapolas!” that I cannot procrastinate any longer. Which thankfully, that last category is usually smaller than the rest. Also, what I enter into my overview, doesn’t necessarily dictate whether it’s just that important for that month until months end where I can decide it needs to get wrapped up or I just need to push it to the following month. It really takes the pressure off myself. And if you know me, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. lol

I like to keep my bujos simple. Short. Sweet. And to the point.

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I am envious of those who BUJO on a larger scale. But, the reality is, I’ll just end up getting overwhelmed by an organizing system that should be kept simple. Therefore, I keep my pages down to no more than four. Sometimes, I change it up and trade one page out for another; but usually it’s DEFINITELY… no more than a four page investment.

And really, who the hell wants to refer to five different books of organization to be organized anyway?! *I do, I do

Ha. Yeah, right.

So, away we go…

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