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The Gray Gristle

Facebook is a wonderful and useful tool to communicate, stay in touch with friends, family and fans. It’s also great for businesses to advertise their products. Except when you have a “gray account.”

Now, I’m not talking about the gray and blue badged checkmarks for authenticated images.jpegaccounts for celebrities or major corporations that Facebook utilizes to identify social significance over one to the other.

What I’m talking about is the SIX year old problem that there is NO DIRECT SOLUTION. A least, there is no useful solution to remedy this issue within the FB help center, or online with google, nor on any blogs I could find.

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HOW DO YOU END UP HERE?? Years ago, Facebook did this thing that asked you to switch your personal account into a business and/or brand account. Which I did. Then, it forced you to create another personal account that helped “manage” that business/brand account. Somewhere along the way, you were no longer able to access the ability to use messenger to engage with your fans and customers, nor were you allowed to create advertisements. I wanted to share what I learned recently (circa June 2018) how I fixed  this complication which, by the way, had been halting all but my posting schedules and business interactions on Facebook.


First things first. How do you know you have a gray account? Facebook will give you a popup display that tells you when you attempt to messenger, create an ad, or you find yourself going around in circles while trying to function with your account in any way.


Secondly, how did you even get a “gray account?” When FB was updating and forcing folks into these new “streamlined” ways of nonsense, it created this thing called a shared login account. A shared login account, or gray account, simply means you are using one email for both your personal account and your business/brand page. So, we roll with the changes and then we end up here… in this pickle of a jar.

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So how do we fix it? Simple. Follow the steps below. I couldn’t find any help for LITERALLY years and I was stuck without answers. And you know what? It wasn’t a complicated solution!!! Yet, there were no articles, help pages or anyone who could help me with this. So, here you go… Instructional video included. *wink


How To Fix A Gray Account

  1. Create a new personal profile using an email different from your business/brand page. Facebook will send you a confirmation email so ensure you confirm.
  2. Login to your business manager. Create one if you don’t have on already. This manages your pages/ads. You’ll then add the newly created personal account. (
  3. Login to your business/brand page, add a page manager with the newly created personal account.
  4. Go to the Facebook App on your phone. Click the old personal profile. Click settings. Scroll down to the bottom to the deactivate account option. Deactivate account. Facebook will send confirmation email for this also letting you know it will be permanently deleted in 14 days. Do not login to the old account during this time, as it will reactivate the account and you will have to go through the deletion process again. (You can likely do this set of steps on your computer; but, I couldn’t. I had to use the app.)
  5. Voila! You are done. Now you can go and login to your newly created personal account, that uses a new email from your business page and manage your business/brand page, create ads, boost posts, and message again.

Bye bye, gray account!

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Mario Kart Cramps

Suddenly, I have found myself in front of gaming systems. Really….pexels-photo-442576.jpeg

Game boxes?

Video cartridge thingies?

Right. So, I’ve never really been a gamer. As a kid, I was only able to play the original Nintendo because I hid out at my neighbors house before the search party came looking for me at dinner time. i.e. my father.

Once I beat King Koopa, and saved the kingdom from his evil horny toad reign, I was over it. I saved the princess and she was super glittery grateful and bestowed upon me….  was nothing.

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After that climactic vibe of disappointment, I hadn’t returned to video games since.

Until now.

pexels-photo-929831.jpegLast week, my friends, during a boring day pre-spring, sat me down, threw a headset on me and told me to shoot. I was taking the place of an m.i.a. operative in the game, “The Division.” So, said operative was probably out for some hot cocoa or something and naturally, since they needed another person to complete the mission… I was the obvious option.

And by obvious option, I basically mean I was available and not doing anything constructive.


It was fairly entertaining. I began shooting “bad guys” on purpose and I wasn’t getting nauseous from the artificial television movement but I did begin to cramp up.

My hands. Completely cramped up.

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Apparently, this is a thing. Like an athlete? Um…

Well… yes. I guess? Although, I just don’t consider gamers athletes. After a while I feel like one of the people from the movie Wall-E who never move and haven’t walked in so long, they forgot how.

Hey, to each his own but it’s clear for me that I’ll just never really be into gaming. My pexels-photo-236229hands cramping, my butt fell asleep and I forgot to eat for way too long that I lost weight. And the reality is that I can accomplish all that just by productively editing videos, and writing music/books. I forget to eat all the time when I’m in that zone of wake.

Funny thing is, I don’t remember getting cramps in my hands when I played Mario Kart.

Mario Kart Kramps.

It’s a real thing.

And it’s just my luck.

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Hi guys! Today, I am going to gripe. So, buckle your seatbelts and leggo!!!!

If you have a website and you have data on that website then you are aware of the scoring system that analyzes “readability.” This is essentially the measured difference between being able to communicate to a child to a fully (college) educated adult.

Photo May 07, 11 18 10 AM
Notate: That blog score is NOT my score. Mine was given a ZERO.

I accept that this is the way SEO is somehow measured; but, I don’t freaking like it.

At all?


In fact? I’ve got an ax to grind here.

I f***ing HATE IT.

But, just because I hate it doesn’t mean I refuse to educate myself on it, learn how to apply it’s requirements, and ultimately implement action to help in raising the rankings for my website and it’s content. Look, I’m aware that my content is for fun and essentially “of the moment” therefore, unless updated annually, some of my stuff will just be dusty and useless. Which are some pretty strategic life goals, really.


crash-test-collision-60-km-h-distraction-163016.jpegI like to entertain. Maybe my words linger, maybe they don’t. Maybe I should just zip my lip in some cases; but, let’s be realistic… stop talking. It’s just not going to happen. Still talking.  I’m a chatty kathy. Knew it. A rambling woman. I don’t STFU.

So? You’re stuck with me. And the talking. 

Which means, you get to continue reading (or don’t) continue reading over this whining on the Flesch Scoring System. Boo! I know. I feel ya! Since when is it a bad thing to use words derived of a decent education? Isn’t this what we were bred to do. How about that SAT score? I guarantee you if that was online it would fail miserably too. High schoolers are on a must-know basis of bigger words that… See Spot Run. Or, Everybody Poops.

Both great books by the way.                                                  

While I adore 11 year old kids and their preciousness, the truth of the matter is… writing my blog so they can understand this would – IMO – be absurd! Very. Is the Flesch scoring system trying to assume that most adults can’t handle a word larger than four syllables? Ah, good theory. Or think in an educated manner? Duh, da, da’s. I was more befuddled by the thought that said scoring system presumes the average adult in our society reads at an 11 year old level!

But, this is also coming from a former 11 year old – me, people – that was called “four eyes” in elementary. And a “walking thesaurus” in high school. *shrugs

pexels-photo-346796.jpegNot funny, homosapiens! I have feelings – sometimes – too!!

I’m glad I was picked on for my nerdiness. It gave me thick skin and a blog that some stupid scoring system fails me on.

*shaking head

A failing score for word awareness. So ass backwards.


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