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NOT-SO-TECH Lessons With Mom

Ah, mother.pexels-photo-351970

Here we go again.

This time? GPS. Across country.

I don’t know what happens when we cross the age of senior citizen status; but, I gotta tell you, I will NEVER look forward to it and when it happens, I can almost guarantee that I will be redefining that age group for myself. And if it is true, that one day we turn into our parents…? (pause, think, think)…

I’m absolutely terrified.

My mom is a sweetheart. And yet… totally nuts. She’s driving across country with a GPS system that I am pretty sure would make a better paper weight. Every few hours or so, I get a call that goes like this:

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MOM: Can you go on the internet?

ME: Why mom?pexels-photo-220147.jpeg

MOM: Well, the lady on my machine told me to get off this exit and then I saw a sign for       Colorado. Am I in Colorado?

ME: I don’t know where you are, mom. What highway are you on?

MOM: Well… I’m not sure. It’s just dark and I don’t remember where the turn went.

*slaps forehead – At this point, I’m pretty sure her GPS “Machine Lady” hasn’t been updated beyond the township she once lived and therefore has zero capability of actually getting her across our vast American land.

ME: Why aren’t you using your Map App on your phone? That GPS is as useful as trying to scoop sand with a fork.

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ME: Mom, please focus.

MOM: I don’t have a map on my phone. I don’t have a smart phone. I have a Galaxy.

ME: That’s a smart phone. Open the app on the phone.

MOM: I can’t. I would have to pull over and I don’t want to lose any more driving time.

ME: You’ve already lost drive time and your driving to  San Francisco.

MOM: I don’t want to go to San Francisco!!!

So, this could go on forever. And it did.

Trying to explain technology to a certain age group is fairly challenging. I love that my mother has taken the steps to keep up with it. But, she still has a long way to go.


Wish me luck!

As for her trip across county… She didn’t end up in the bay area; but, someone did mistake her for a prostitute at a truck stop since she was traveling alone.

I’m guessing that’s the only prerequisite to that profession.



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