Champagne Setback

Maybe it’s just me; But, nothing is more annoying than setbacks. Setbacks in my professional life. Setbacks in my personal life. Setbacks when I’ve been waiting in line at Six Flags for two hours and a hoard of teenagers with their flash passes jump in front of me making me wait another forty minutes. Dammit. Setback.

I get it. Setbacks are a part of life. But some setbacks aren’t necessary. Like wasting a week of rescheduled hearings because I’m a witness in a court case. Time killing Setback. Rascally Rabbit, tsk tsk, fibbing about your unregistered guns. You shouldn’t lie about gun ownership, by the way. And If you own guns and aren’t a responsible owner… Then you deserve what’s coming to you. Clink. Clink. Was that S.W.A.T at your door last week? 
Or when your hanging out with someone all day and you haven’t eaten and when you point out a Jack in the Box they pass it up and say we will stop later. Food setback. I don’t know why i said Jack in the Box-being A) I’m a vegetarian and B) my being allergic to lettuce … doesn’t leave me much for options; But, I see them on every corner. Either way, I guess androids dont eat. Robot setback. And I’m a person, so I need sustenance. Feed me! I’m starving now. So, you might want to reconsider…FYI, I found a spork in your glove compartment. And I’m not afraid to use it on your plush seat covers. 
Or when your GPS says it will take only and hour to get somewhere and right after you hit the road and get your estimated time of arrival… You hit bumper to bumper traffic AND your GPS now says it will take an extra hour and forty-five minutes. Road rage setback. Since my GPS is most likely friends with Siri, I’m sure she has something to do with the fuckery that can sometimes impede my progression. Siri setback. 
I find adventure in My setbacks. Nothing can ever be perfect. So I live in the moment. As annoying as any setback can be, if you ride your wild pegacorn through rainbows, you’re bound to leap past any setback thrown in your face. And I don’t know about you; But, unless it’s lemon merengue pie… I don’t want anything thrown in my face. Lemony Merengue-y Pie with a glass of champagne setback please! 

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