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Man-Bun’s Bum


As you all probably know, I workout on a daily basis. Why.

IMG_6136.jpgI make that healthy lifestyle a priority. Still… why.

It makes me feel good, pay attention, and who doesn’t love the option of throwing a back-handspring on any given random moment. Only you.

Likely; But…sure,. I keep that one in my back pocket.


You never know when that flip-flop is going to save the day! And I mean the gymnastic skill… NOT the ugly things people wear on their feet.

I HATE flip flops. We all know this. Don’t get me started.

Circling back. My trainer has a man-bun. Hate that.

And nice buns. Love that.

And it’s possible I’m going to catch some flack on the fact that I do not think men should wear their hair…. ummm, how do I say this…

Spring into Irresistible Travel Deals! Save up to CA$9 off flights & hotels with promo code SPRING9.Book Now!Well, however they want, certainly. As long as it’s short. Clean cut. You know, that Hey! I actually have a barber on top of this mop! Guys, let me shoot it straight. When us women -not girls- see a dude with long hair… long enough to put into a freaking bun, your HOTNESS factor literally flies out the window.

Oh! There it goes. It’s flying. Far far away. Where I keep my pegacorn.

I get that it’s the trendy beard of 2018, but as the trendy beard is losing it’s luster and man buns are now on the Ken of Barbie dolls, it’s time to let it go. Get a nice crew cut. Said grandma. Throw on your ‘kicks.’ Kicks?

Shoes people, shoes.pexels-photo-236287.jpeg

And throw on a nice polo shirt. The one with the horsey on it? Hey, I’ll even extend the olive branch to you guys wearing those “untucked” button-up, collared shirts…. untucked. Hey! Tuck in your shirt slob!

A cardigan is nice too.

The moral of the story is, if you look like you don’t care, no one else will either. I don’t care. I know, it shows. And blah, blah… Its not about pleasing “others” or their opinions. I don’t care what other people think. Got it. But, go ahead… DO YOU, or whatever you like, just realize when you get no honey, tail or whatever guys call it these days, it’s likely that your man bun, hobo status, is killing your endgame.

I know -for me- when I’m out and about twirling my hair up on top of my head, as 7 For All Mankind, a division of DG Premium Brands, LLCnice as this side thought may be…  Oh no. I don’t want to ask a boyfriend for a scrunchie.

“hey babe, can I borrow your banana clip?”  

Uh… no.

But, we’ll still check out your bums. *wink


*HUGE THANKS to the sponsors 7forallmankind, ycmc/nike, and cheapair

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