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The Pineapple(s) of 2017

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Now that Ol’ St. Nick has made his way through our chimneys, left his boot marks of soot all over my carpeting, and there is wrapping paper remnants galore….

It is time for a little spring cleaning. Um, not spring. In the winter. There you go. It’s time to take inventory of all your hits and misses for the year. Then go Shop because if you’re anything like me – nobody is like you, darling – then you MUST have new clothes to clean up those messes!


Anyway, I’m a hyper-organized girl and can’t stand a mess. Zero. Any sign of a clutter-disturbance – and I mean, ANY –

Hippo Brainstorming In Progress
She wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas, she said. Now what?!

drives me batty.  Big-time fruit problems. Like pineapple-sized conundrums. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll help a person;but, if you’re a straight up, drama-atttracting, chaos-creating…. uh,  destroying everything in your wake kind of kiwi,  I’m out. Cluttered home, cluttered mind. Interpretation: I start my year-end inventory process with cleaning up paper, zucchini shavings -huh?- all out-of-order type messes, rearranging furniture -gotta realign the Chi -oh! and trying to figure out how to sell that hippopotamus I got for Christmas….

Ever notice that when you have a bunch of nonsense laying around on that credenza, yes…  or shoes scattered across the stairwell, omg, I’m listening…  or even dishes in the sink, keep talking… that your mind gets distracted so much easier and you’ll find yourself crying on the floor instead of getting  anything done you originally planned and had down on your list. Holy Moses, YES! All because you saw a wrapper that used to house a stick of string cheese somehow shoved in between the stove and the cabinets.

tomatoes-ketchup-sad-food-160791.jpegDamn snack wrappers.

They will put me down every time… 

I ditch all the Pineapples. The what?

The pineapples. How many do you have?

Not too many. But I have my own translation – of course you do – for this prickly; but delicious island delectable. As sweet and wonderful the actual treat can be, I use them as a point of reference for the fails in life. Ah. 

So let’s get to this year’s Pineapples!

For me, my pineapples were, including but not limited to

  • a happily ever after turned nightmare
  • figuring out how to sell that hippo
  • having to start my life all over
  • …and I still haven’t quit those (organic) energy drinks

Not too bad, considering there are people in the world who have it WAY worse than I did; but, nonetheless, there’s my blanket recap. Some pretty big life changing events; but pivotal moments bring change and change means you are growing as a human being.
  I don’t wanna grow up! Who does?! I surely don’t either…

But if you don’t grow, let’s keep it real. You’ll never find that happiness, success, or true love. There’s my “One To Grow On” PSA service announcement!

So I say, good, bad or pineapples, MAKE IT  HAPPEN! Now that I’ve taken inventory, I can make a plan to recover, rebuild, and  maybe ride that hippopatumus around the yard….

He’s growing on me and I named him Spot.


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