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The Backbend Challenge

There’s something to be said about a person that can become a human pretzel. Ooo! Sourdough! Cheese-filled! No. No real pretzels up for grabs here. Wah. Although, I could for some of those right about now. Does sound pretty delicious. pretzels-fritters-baked-goods-food-162996.jpeg

While I can’t contort myself into a small shippable box, I am fairly flexible and this skill has literally served me no real purpose in my day to day normal life.  As an adult. All those hours in the competitive sector of gymnastics and what do I have to show for it? Peanut butter pretzels?! Pretty much nothing… except a love of salted snack foods while sitting in the splits in front of the television. Yeah, that’s normal.

IMG_1957.JPGThe reality is that aside from nailing a commercial gig for being able to catch a battery one-handed, or securing that spot in a t.v. show because I could do a front arial, gymnastics hasn’t really been super beneficial in life as an adult.

Until now… Wait. You’re an adult? Hush. Not really, shhh, that grownup thing is for the birds. Don’t tell anyone, it’ll be our secret. I mean, I can meander into a schoolyard and get mistaken for a teenager. Why would you meander into a schoolyard to begin with? I was making a point. Yeah, a creepy point. I’m not meandering into a schoolyard. Focus! Geesh! I was challenged to do The Backbend Challenge. And I successfully… sucked at it! Couldn’t have been that bad. Hold on: One would think that holding a backbend for 3 whole minutes, however short a span of time that would be, wouldn’t be too terribly horrific. But, by minute numero uno, I could already feel the burn! Or the blood rushing to my head. Like my head was going to pop off and take a journey around the sidewalk. Oh yeah, fun times.

Regardless, I have taken the challenge. Survived it, barely.  How did I do? That depends on if you lost any body parts, ma’am. My head is still in tact, no popping off and rolling around the floor. Yikes. You get the point.

Well, you’ll have to check out the video for the results! And grab some pretzels!


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