about me

Ciao, amores! I’m Rita Slanina and I’m glad your here!

A fun fact about me is that I wear a lot of different hats, errr, shoes! Yes, I am an actress. I am also a wife, mother, fur-mama, producer, director, model, business woman, and recently, a debut Amazon Best-Selling Author! With seven other titles, btw. *wink

I am grateful for all these titles, but something you should know? Is it took a lot of work. Like, a lot.

I’ve always believed you should never wait on an industry to take you in; but, instead, spearhead your own way and grab it! I’ve heard “no, not right, too young, too old, too pretty, not pretty enough, etc.,” so often, throughout the years, that I knew what anyone else thought I could or couldn’t do it, didn’t matter. What mattered was, what I knew I could do, was what I had to do. Even if that meant, I had to do it all myself!


Moral of the Story: Make your own way!