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Recording Studios: Quick-Fix for the Underdog

You put a song together, and now you need a recording studio.

Or do you?

As luck would have it, in under ten minutes,

I’ve got a quick fix for the underdog songwriter.

No budget? No equipment? No problem!

The idea is you need:

music software

cost of equipment

and the age-old question is… “NOW, what do I do with all this stuff I just bought?”

Music & Lyrics: a songwriter’s journal

200-page journal including lined sheets for both tabs and musical notation. An album and song title sheet with detailing fillables for music genre, mood, and tempo. Available on Amazon, or if you prefer signed editions head to the SHOP!

Let’s face it.


And likely, make you not want to start recording your own songs at all.


Three years later, you have spent thousands of dollars you couldn’t afford to spend in the first place, and its all collecting dust with half of the crap, half-in their boxes.

Oh, boo! It’s definitely too late to try to return them…

What a nightmare! No wonder people give up before they quit. You love music, you would love to get it out there; but, it’s been made into this well kept, secret that no artist is supposed to know about how to go about getting it done on the cheap.

Here’s where my

“How To Music Video Series” comes in.

The second installment takes you through an easy to follow 3-step process to put those lyrics and music tracks into a song. If you haven’t gotten your lyrics or music ready to go yet & need a starting point, check out last week’s video on how to do that.

So, without further ado… This week’s lesson: How To Record A Song (yourself) FOR FREE!

OMGosh, so easy, right!

Now, that you’ve gotten studio quick fixes,

do you think you can do this on your own?

I sure believe in you!

Happy recording, underdogs!

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Ode To Serenades & Marinades

an ode serenades & marinades blog rita slanina how to write a song songwriters beginner

An ode to serenades & marinades!

Is it just me or does anyone else feel it’s long overdue that we need some Fall-themed Holiday Songs? The ode to serenades & marinades of Fall, we’ll call it!

No. No? No.

Darn it. No one jumping onto that bandwagon, eh?


FINE. *rolls eyes

But, with so much to do!

music & lyrics a songwriters journal rita slanina shop now perfect for the songwriter album and song title brainstorming pages
Music & Lyrics: a songwriter’s journal

skipping happily into my office, with lyrics to write, and my loving book projects to wrap up, and my favorite time of here with NaNoWriMo’s impending arrival, it’s only fitting to – Nope. Don’t do it. Oh, the ode to the serenades of Editing, reading and staying the course of all my line item marinades. *insert piano playing plus a warble here

*she did it. Focus, girl.

My joy of fall

truly just wouldn’t begin without the exciting news of writing my next album. So, no pressure, but I have the goal of getting it done before Preptober. Don’t you got books to write, bish!

Now, who knows if that’ll be possible, but I believe in tackling a little each day and eventually it’ll get there. Once a groove is playing along, it’ll happen. I’m rapid fire-like that. *wink The first couple of tracks always seem to be the hardest. Although, channeling all that emotion is pretty rough too.

Wish there was a way to do it sans THAT roller coaster! Sadly, there isn’t.

Did you just pun. Ah, yes. Yes, I did.

I digress.

In all essences of productivity, and in all honesty though, must confess that I was a bit distracted this last week. I was not sleeping well. There were incessant, racing thoughts. Lest not forget, the half-heartedly act of convincing yourself – okay, geesh, MYself – that it’ll all be fine

is a fairly tall order.

(Reminds me of a song I wrote a few years back.)

A ghostly shell of yourself walking around, daydreaming of… you know, things past, present and future. *sigh* And anyway… You know how it goes.

Just to notate how writing songs can sometimes keep these pains lingering. I mean, I guess it can be therapuetic; although reliving trauma over and over probably isn’t healing. *is that numbness?

Which, in one part fairness, and bits of reflection confetti… are GREAT WRITING CONDITIONS.

Maybe when I get to the end of this bucket of chicken staring back at me, it’ll change. *hand over the marinade! This needs more flavor!

*slaps forehead Put down the wings. You better get writing, girl!

So get to it, lady… get out of the weeds!

You had to know I was taking this somewhere!

The next three weeks, I am publishing a songwriting music series on how to get a song from idea to sold! We’re going to call it:

drumroll, please….


We’re going to chunk this series down into three installments.

  1. How to write a song
  2. How to record a song
  3. How to publish a song

Since it is all things serenades & marinades of my favorite time of year, fall, and I just happen to have some A and B Roll in the vault from literally two years ago and it’s staring at me, asking me “why, oh Lovely Rita, haven’t you shown me to the world?” (I hope you added a southern drawl -channeling your inner Gone With The Wind character – when you read that! Because, I sure as heck did!

an ode serenades & marinades blog rita slanina how to write a song songwriters beginner

*You raised your hand to your head too… didn’t you.

Why, yes, kind stranger, I surely did!

*stop it

Okay, fine.

So, here we go! For the next three weeks, I am going to cover just that. *Terrible accents?

Ha. Ha. Noooooo…

I am going to show you an easy, and simple way to getting your song idea out of your head and into the marketplace. If you’ve ever wanted write a song – regardless, if you play an instrument or not – I got you! This week we start with the 3 simple way to writing that song and boy, oh boy, it will be easy!

Now, get ready!

Grab your notebooks!

Snatch up those pencils!

Go write a song!

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Party People Peas!

Party people! (Sung to the tune to that early 90s song, “Whoomp! There it is!”) I’m definitely dating myself with that song… Yikes, Very sad.

Yes, very; but it is what it is. It’s from the early 90s people. Early 90s.

*Sighing while hanging my head in shame

Just kidding.

Anyway… Christmastime is finally here and its time to boogie on down to your malls with your peppermint lattes and holiday cash! Just a heads up; I am having mixed emotions of both elation and bitterness though; I’m on the decaf now. Lucky you. I only dump cinnamon in my morning coffee. But, who’s keeping track? *shrugs with hesitating regret

It’s not all Bah Humbug! for me though…  on the coffee front. Scrooge. Hush.. Once I was on the decaffeinated, cup of joe for a couple weeks, I actually had more energy! What? Yeah! No way. Totally way. More on that on that for a future post.

Circling back, I’m so excited to get that shopping done and since some of my shopping will be done online this year, I’m listening to my new album, “I Pulled The Trigger!” Hmm… Listening to your own music? No… No. Not weird at all. Nope! If I don’t show love to myself, then why would one think anyone else would?! Exactly. Oh, I get it now! So, yeah, I listen to my own music! No shame in my game! Nobody says that anymore. Really? Really. Well, that might be embarrassing. If you got embarrassed. Yes, true.


So as I was saying…

Welcome to the new album release listening party!!!!!!!


This passion project has been so much fun and getting back to music and working with great producers and videographers again has been an exciting – and sometimes a daunting – task! I grew up around music and have had the immense gratitude of having heard my music play on radio stations and used for television jingles. I write from the heart and being blessed enough to share that with the world fills me with so much joy. Trauma, pain, love, cheer…. these are things we all deal with and having been blessed to have an outlet by the gift of God, is truly something I have immense gratitude. Music helps heal, and spread love. This album effort was much more hands on than I think I’ve ever been in my music and I am very proud of it. I took some chances and I am really ecstatic of how it all turned out! Go ahead… join the party and take a listen!!

Enjoy the record, comment, and share!


nail polish

I’d love to hear from you!

On a serious note: I really enjoy getting your messages about how relatable and impactful I have been in helping you get through some tough times through song and it warms my heart and makes me feel like I am truly living to serve others in my own way. Follow me on IG, FB, subscribe to my channel on YouTube, and the blog on! Don’t be shy… say hello!

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“I Pulled The Trigger” The Album now available on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you listen and subscribe to music!