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Party People Peas!

Party people! (Sung to the tune to that early 90s song, “Whoomp! There it is!”) I’m definitely dating myself with that song… Yikes, Very sad.

Yes, very; but it is what it is. It’s from the early 90s people. Early 90s.

*Sighing while hanging my head in shame

Just kidding.

Anyway… Christmastime is finally here and its time to boogie on down to your malls with your peppermint lattes and holiday cash! Just a heads up; I am having mixed emotions of both elation and bitterness though; I’m on the decaf now. Lucky you. I only dump cinnamon in my morning coffee. But, who’s keeping track? *shrugs with hesitating regret

It’s not all Bah Humbug! for me though…  on the coffee front. Scrooge. Hush.. Once I was on the decaffeinated, cup of joe for a couple weeks, I actually had more energy! What? Yeah! No way. Totally way. More on that on that for a future post.

Circling back, I’m so excited to get that shopping done and since some of my shopping will be done online this year, I’m listening to my new album, “I Pulled The Trigger!” Hmm… Listening to your own music? No… No. Not weird at all. Nope! If I don’t show love to myself, then why would one think anyone else would?! Exactly. Oh, I get it now! So, yeah, I listen to my own music! No shame in my game! Nobody says that anymore. Really? Really. Well, that might be embarrassing. If you got embarrassed. Yes, true.


So as I was saying…

Welcome to the new album release listening party!!!!!!!


This passion project has been so much fun and getting back to music and working with great producers and videographers again has been an exciting – and sometimes a daunting – task! I grew up around music and have had the immense gratitude of having heard my music play on radio stations and used for television jingles. I write from the heart and being blessed enough to share that with the world fills me with so much joy. Trauma, pain, love, cheer…. these are things we all deal with and having been blessed to have an outlet by the gift of God, is truly something I have immense gratitude. Music helps heal, and spread love. This album effort was much more hands on than I think I’ve ever been in my music and I am very proud of it. I took some chances and I am really ecstatic of how it all turned out! Go ahead… join the party and take a listen!!

Enjoy the record, comment, and share!


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“I Pulled The Trigger” The Album now available on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you listen and subscribe to music!

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