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…2 Days Until Christmas


Laundry? Check.

Pecan pies baked? Uh… bake a…

-was I supposed to make something this year?

Ugly Christmas sweater? Oh poo.

Alien Invasion? Oh geez. *shakes head -Not again.

Are you ready? For the Christmas thing? Or the Alien situation?

Apparently not. 

With all the caroling of the bells filling in the seasonal sounds of the air, toasty warm fireplaces wafting our holiday noses, and keeping a lookout for the big man in red in the sky. It all came to a screeching halt last night in beautiful Southern California when we all looked up from our  geotagged, Los Angeles flip-flops, and saw something coasting across our nighttime skies.

Was it an alien? Stop it.

Many thought so. You’re nuts. So did my neighbor, with a comment so matter-of-factly, “Well, I guess they’re here. We can all stop pondering the ‘are they/aren’t they’ quandary.”

You tell ’em, kiddo. Your neighbor’s nuts too.

Was it Santa? Cut it out.

Dammit… That be quaint; but I’m pretty sure he’s a couple days early yet.

Was it a hot air balloon with my picture on it? You can do that, you know.

Of course you thought that…. Uh, definitely, ah-no. 

Alright, alright. It was SpaceX at Vandenburg AFB, launching ten Iridium NEXT satellites, into orbit with the Falcon 9 rocket. And boy, was it a fascinating sight! Finally, she gets to it.

As long as it wasn’t messing with Santa’s visit this year, I’m okay with it.

Dear Santa,pexels-photo-260498.jpeg

This year I just want to ride an elephant again, in those sparkly tank tops I asked you for… Thanks so much! I love you!



Now, how the heck am I going to start making this sweater?

I’ve got the wine, so I guess I’ll start there and enter the giveaway. Oh wait, I can’t enter it because I’m hosting it with goodreads! Duh!

But, anyway YOU guys (and gals) can enter though…

Does anyone else hear angels singing?

It might be the vino sweater kicking in.






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Boob Sweat Bruising

I know. The title is definitely attention grabbing.But, it’s not what you think…

Or, maybe it is.

I mean, if it means you’re into such a phenomenon. Never heard of it, sassy. Or this has happened to you. Nope. Never. Or maybe you’re intrigued but want to know more. Now, I don’t know how to explain such a title… except to start from the beginning.

It’s now the holiday season and I’ve got workout fever. I’m hitting the gym every day, all

…and 1, munch. …and 2, crunch. …and 3, eat cupcake trees

while trying to juggle my business, my blog, vlog and publishing responsibilities with my book – oh! – and yeah, doing that PR thing for my book too. Exhausting! Anyhoo… After an intense; but, killer workout yesterday… (Upper body, cardio, and ab work, in case you were wondering.)  Nope. We weren’t… 

I’m in the shower and I’m slathering up and what do I see when I look down? No, not a unicorn. That would be weird. I see, what looks like a stain on thehands-purple-child-holding.jpg inside of my boobs, and when I pull them apart it’s discolored just like a bruise. That’s still weird though.

Wait, why are you pulling apart your boobs in the shower?

I wish I had the unicorn. Or baby powdered glitter. Let me see if I can get a picture of this damn thing for you guys…. please hold… *insert elevator style hold music here…. Well, dammit, I can’t get the picture to focus… heyyyy, wait a minute! What the hell is —

Okay, now that I’m trying to get a picture, and I’m looking at the pic, (it’s not a bruise, is it?) it sort of seems like…. (not a bruise?) it’s… not (go on, say it)… so much of a bruise. (I knew it.) But, rather more so…. *hee hee… a little embarrassed here. Really? No. Not really.

A giraffe’s hairball. No.

A fortune cookie. No. With a message inside… Um, no.

It was self tanner. (Of course it was.)

I told you. Yes, I’m afraid that it was -*sigh- self tanner, that hasn’t been washed off. Told you it wasn’t ‘a bruise. Which is weird –this whole conversation is weird – because I am quite sure I’ve showered at least once in the last week. Lying. Just kidding. Most likely a few times; still lying, but, regardless, it’s like…did I miss a spot? Uh, clearly, yes.  Serious though, the next stage of my plan had me thinking I needed to take an emergency visit to the webMD or something.

Oh, sweet Jesus. *slaps forehead

Alas, all is well in the universe… And it’s wasn’t a bruise at all… um, no.

OF course it wasn’t. 

So, now that I’m still alive from my near death boob bruising, I found some time in my pexels-photo-58457.jpegrecovery to tackle one of my favorite arts and crafts projects. Arm Knitting!

What. Yeah, arm knitting! I survived a unicorn attack, boob sweat and it was NOW time to start checking off that bucket list!

You can learn how to arm knit too! Just watch this week’s episode on my YouTube Channel below…. and you won’t need to justify living life to the fullest with a message on your t-shirt telling us how you survived a killer goldfish that jumped right out of the bowl and onto your eye. Although, I’d pay to see that…. I’d definitely pay to see that.


*all jokes folks. all jokes. As always, enjoy a life full of living to the fullest, with lots of love and most importantly the gift of laughter. And wear a tutu. It’s everyone’s favorite. *wink