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Stabilizer Dysfunction


Normally, I like to use Final Cut Pro for all my video editing software needs; however, pexels-photo-756914since I don’t have it downloaded on my laptop, I’ve succumbed to a less-holier-than-thou software.

iMovie. Ugh.

I know. Kill me.

Now, as far as most functions go in iMovie, it’s slightly par. I can cut, filter, pinch, and add titles when needed with ease. It’s performance is decent. So, what’s the issue?



It is literally the least performing function of the whole lot.

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Why didn’t I just use my desktop and FCP? Well, because I’m a moron. Sounds about right. I needed to travel and therefore decided, eh, iMovie will execute effectively. Okay, not so moronic in theory. It’s not completely dysfunctional. In hindsight reality though… *rolling eyes

As long as you don’t “accidentally” hit the stabilizing function of a frame. Oops. Or two frames. Oops squared. Yup. I “accidentally” hit that stupid ass button, NOT ONCE; but freaking twice. Priceless. After about three days of waiting for it to stop stabilizing so I can bounce out the next post, I decided to investigate. And my super sleuthing didn’t go well as I had hoped.

pexels-photo-951229.jpeg“Oh, stabilizer in iMovie takes foreeeeeever.” said one user.

“Avoid stabilizer in iMovie completely! It can take days or weeks to finish.” says another.

“iMovie’s stabilizer function will finish eventually. So, if you have a deadline, utilize YouTube’s stabilizer instead. iMovie will force you to scramble to hit your aforementioned deadline. It’s terrible!!!!”

Checkmate. Shit. 

Why would a company offer a function that well…. doesn’t function! Insanity?

Well, I am an Apple user. That explains it.

pexels-photo-302561.jpegAnyone who does video editing may know what I am talking about and if you don’t have any clue about what I’m stressing over, don’t worry. Grab a snack cake instead! Don’t try to figure it out. Enjoy your snack cake! Believe me.

I have tried everything except throw my computer out a window. Which was a great idea until I stood at the windowsill and had a secondary thought that I may need my laptop for other things. Like a snack cake holder?

So, no video episodes until I can sort this mess out.

But first, a slushy and taquitos.                         

Blue Raspberry Diva – OUT!


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