Mad Writer-Scientist Giggler

Buuwa.Ha.Ha. My cree-ation IS neearly… Fiiinished. (you’re supposed to have a Trannsylvanian accent here)


As you may be able to tell, I’ve been reworking my website. Grrr. And reworking my website. Argh. And… reworking my damn website. Keep a lookout for flying frying pans. I’ve moved my nearly two years of blog posts from blogger to WordPress and revamping my marketing strategies; all while in the rewrite phase of my novel’s first draft. My bedroom looks like a file cabinet spontaneously combusted and what WAS an air hockey table, is now a makeshift storyboard confuktory. Sorry kids, no flying pucks while writing is in progress. I lied. Duck! All that’s missing in this lab, is the volatile liquids and witch’s cauldron.But, add a dash of this mad writer-scientist gone SEO MAD, and KAPLOWIE! We have a high functioning website, a finished novel ready for the masses, and I’m on a plane to Fiji. OKAY… well, maybe not quite yet. And A Fuji apple is about as close as I’m going to get to that island getaway. Sigh.

…Or is it?

As I may be presumptuous in assuming you are about a Tilt-A-Whirl sick of hearing about my “never-ending novel” story, as I am leaning over a trash can, vomiting, trying to finishing this mother f***er. The highs and lows of my moods have been wonderful during this time. Midlife much? And I use the term “wonderful,” loosely. And more distinctively so, sarcastically. Having always chosen the path voted to be “Most Unstable,” I’ve fared pretty decently from it. Again, loosely defined. I’ve endured tea pots of rage and been at the bottom of a bottle of mineral water, in tears under the blankets of my sofa. Which I’m still making payments. On the sofa, not the mineral water. But, the mineral water import could be as bad as a smoking addiction at this point. Living on the edge with those credit cards still, I see… yeah, well, I live for the danger. #hidetheresacreditoratthedoor Hello? Hi, oh no, you have the wrong customer, my payment is in the mail. Have a beautiful day though.

*Insert mad writer-scientist grin here*

…And mischevious giggle.