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Lasik Light Saber

Nothing has been more freeing than having Lasik eye surgery! Take that, bad eyesight!

I am still adjusting to the fact that I do not need to take my contacts out each night. Hooray! Or I forget that I’m not wearing contact lenses at all,  fall asleep and, next thing I know… pink eye. Wow. 

Goodbye the gift of pink eye! Wait. …Via contacts! What?

So freeing. Truly life changing. And anyone who has had to wear glasses and/or contacts

tell ’em glasses, bye!

their whole lives can attest to the nuisance of getting up in the morning, patting your hand around the nightstand in search of your spectacles, only to find they’ve fallen behind the bed somehow over the course of the night. Guess they needed the time off too.

In an effort to ease the minds of those who have always wanted to get Lasik eye surgery and just couldn’t bring themselves to do it, we have vlogged an episode for you to watch. Ew, gross. Yes, the amazing folks at Global Laser Vision in San Diego allowed us to film inside their facility. We are so grateful to them for letting us take over their place of business for a day (or three) and work with us to provide you guys some pretty great content! And if you’re just into certain segments of the video, I’ve added a time stamping map below for ya to for reference!

So without further ado…. Enjoy!

Diet/Weight Loss Support00:01 Intro
00:23 Pre-op
01:22 Surgery Shopping Prep
01:46 Surgery Day
06:52 Surgery Time!
15:10 30 minutes post-op
15:29 5 hours post-op
17:15 45 minutes of time lapsed shenanigans
17:41 45 minutes later/time for eye drops
21:04 1 day post-op
21:44 2 days post op
22:58 I did NOT venture outside
23:56 After Care Instructions

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