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Rita’s Dump, Inc.
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A friend said to me, what happens to all the guys who get cut from your team?

I said, ha! I don’t know.. but I’m sure there out there somewhere there’s a support group with my name on it!


Cue examples of whimpering gents:

“Rita just left me. And when I asked her why? She just said, I was fired.”IMG_7044.jpg

“She said she liked my representative better than who I really was.”

“She didn’t like that while she slept, I would whisper words of death in her ear. ”

“Rita wasn’t a fan of my angel dusting and/or incessant boozing.”

“So… it wasn’t okay that I reached out to an ex-mistress AND had secret conversations. She didn’t like that. So, she fired me too.”

Regardless of the endless reasons, I know I deserve better than the schmucks I’ve dated – or married – in the past. Ugh. What a sad state of affairs that looks like when I look back at it. *shudders It makes me wonder if poor Jennifer Aniston is just misunderstood and has as much bad luck as I do with men.


My agony. Your content-driven entertainment.

Maybe Audrey Hepburn was right when she said you cannot successfully have a career and a family. You really do have to choose just one. Hmmm… Although, on the other hand, I did give up my career for the last dope and that relationship blew up in my face too. So.. maybe she didn’t have it right either. Blah. Adulting.

Circling back. So, we fashionably coined the support group, Rita’s Dump. Ha! Awesome. It’s a fantastical place where all my exes go to whine about me, wish for me back, wonder where it all went wrong and really.. just lean on each other and boohoo to the moon.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t get me wrong, I think men are totally allowed to shed tears when it’s appropriate. 

While we had a great time brainstorming this fun and entertaining idea of The Dump. It turns out we came up with something much bigger than a laugh at a few sad sacs.

And believe me when I say, I laughed so freaking hard when my friend came up with this name for all of the douchebags I have encountered, I peed my pants. How fitting! I wished I would have FB Live the event! A

nd frankly… one should hope NOT to end up in Rita’s Dump!

IMG_7062.jpgSo, for all my friends, family and fans,

it sounds like a podcast channel

is to be had.



Hmmm… what shall we call it? Rita’s Dump?

And for all my exes who feel slighted.

Happy commingling… in the dump!

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