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Merry Christmas, GoodReads Baby

Unknown-8.jpegWith less than one day to go until birthday time, I have yet to spend some time on me. Boohoo. Now, don’t get me wrong. I did do a little pre-birthday celebration shopping last week (special thank you to my sponsors Kohl’s and my mommy) …that was VONDERBAR!!  Is that a made up word for wonderful?

Ahem, excuse me, I heard that was how the Germans say it….

Wow. *sigh

Anywhooo… like I vas saying. I (almost) went bananas on that shopping spree. But I got some GREAT goodies and that got me to thinking… While yes, it’s my birthday and I want it to just be all about me… ME…. and oh yes, ME!


That’s not really what the holiday spirit is all about. Ah, the double-edged sword of Rita’s Great Birthday/Christmas within four days of each other’s awesomeness. Conundrum much?

So, let’s do another giveaway! A VLOGMAS GIVEAWAY!

A RitaSlanina and GoodReads GIVEAWAY!


I am so super excited to let you guys know that I’ve been lucky enough to have teamed up with GoodReads and am giving away 10 signed copies of Harbor Excursions to Goodreads members in 4 countries: The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia.

Whoop! Whoop!

I know, awesome, right?!! So if you haven’t had a chance to read my debut novel yet – or you have – and think it would be fantastic to give a friend for the holidays, well here’s your chance!  It will start at 12:00am PT on Thursday, December 21 and finish at 11:59pm PT on Sunday, December 31.


  1. Sign Up/Log In to your account.
  2. Search the Giveaways page.
  3. Enter to Win your copy of Harbor Excursions.

It’s that simple! 

Good Luck!

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