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The Quickie Hack

person-couple-love-romantic.jpgNot that kind of quickie. Wah…. Get your perverted minds out of the gutter. No, don’t wanna. Ok, okay, maybe it was just me and MY filthy mind. Usually the case. But in my defense you pervs wouldn’t be here reading here every week if you weren’t hoping for a bit of despicable sludge from time to time. Am I right, grime grazers? Yeah, I’m totally on target. Muck mongers unite!

Moving on, fall is nearing and I have had about enough of the blonde version of Rita!

Do blonds reeeeaaaaalllyyyyy have more fun?File Aug 25, 4 36 37 PM.jpeg

Eh, sure. If you consider swinging from an antelope while it runs through cotton candy a good time. I’m still chaffed. It’s time to go back to my naturally beautiful, dark hues of hotness… except, I’m on a budget and I need to save some coin. Damn you wallet crusher. After a coupon induced  CVS haul of hair color, I touched up my roots for a more “naturally appealing” grow out; yet something still wasn’t right.

I’m doing it myself? No.

Ah… my freakin’ bangs are too long. Yes!

I pull out the scissors and the first go round… total disaster. I ended up with more an asymmetrical vibe. Definitely NOT the look I was going for. It was headbands for three months. And hey, I’m a fan of headbands; but not for a fiscal quarter. Ugh! It wasn’t until recently I discovered there existed clip-on headpieces, ponytails and bangs exist. Yeah, I know, I’m slow. Meh. It happens when you’re busy living. Double meh. However, now that I’m around the learning curve and twenty bang clip-on purchases later… I have now figured out how to cut my own bangs. And in no time at all!


Oh yeahhhhh… goodbye hair pieces. Or maybe I’ll hang on to them. You never know when you might need to go incognito at a macaroni and cheese rally with an antelope.

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