What’s in a Vlog…

Heck if I know.

For the VLOG newbie, it’s basically an individual (one or more) that talks to a camera online. Via youtube usually. The person(s) will talk about random things, things of interest, things not of interest, funny things, not so funny things, you get the idea. And they usually ramble on far longer than I can take.

Think about this. If you saw a random guy on the corner, shouting at the clouds, or at every passerby, you’d call him a loon. But consequently, since these people are online, they’re not crazy.

Um-hmm, or are they....

People and businesses are trying to help build their brand or sell something. Nuts. Or direct you to their website or online store to sell something. Berserk. Or maybe they ARE just bonkers. Let’s see if I can get my cat to jump off the roof. Grab the camera! Yeah, that’s what I though initially. Especially since I would need to first, find a cat. Either way, we’re convinced enough here (because we are also cuckoo) and plan to do a series of vlogs. Hopefully funny. Doubt it. Hopefully entertaining. Plausible. Hopefully for not that long. Oy vey, thank goodness.

I will tell you this, I’m not a fan of long vlogs. These YouTubers lose me after a couple minutes of tortuous sweet nothings in my ear. So, we will be keeping mine short and to the point. What’s the point of a VLOG again? 

The point will be short and to the point. Pay attention. =)

Still unclear. Will get back to you on that, likely never.

Mostly because I still have no iota of a clue either.



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