The Good Boob Deed

So, the girls and I were sitting around the campfire chatting it up with some

marshmallows and ham when we started a conversation about a ‘what if’ scenario.


I.e. What if there was a boob job donations service? Oh my goodness. What? Yes, we totally went off the deep end here. Stay with me.

Did you say…. hold on. Marshmallows and Ham. Together?Welcome to the insanity that is me and my gal pals. No seriously, you can’t let us out of the house. Or the campsite. With marshmallows.

Think of it: A charity for boob jobs. And why the heck not?! We’ll coin it, The Good Boob Deed.

With all the oddball kickstarter campaigns out there from people trying to get people to pay for boob jobs, schooling, their monthly bills or just hankering for a handout and a hammock; this idea could work! Oh geez.

How about we take it a step further. Please don’t. Let’s find a way to streamline that million dollar idea into a website and full service charitable organization! Bring on the government funding! Ha!

Stand by. Maybe this business plan already exists. Hold on while I research this…

DRUM ROLL PLEASE… It already exits. Wah. 

This is the most hysterical thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot. I bet. I am not endorsing this company, they are not paying me nor have I ever used the service. Nope, I bought mine the old fashion way. Hard work and a savings account. Anyway… a quick research in my google tab and voila! An online business for Men to donate to the boobie hatch. And hey, by the way, my website is far from perfect but the last thing, as a female that I’d want to see if I was in the mood to find a boob donor, is a women posing with a huge dish of porn star vibes with a side of creepy dude sauce at her side.

Kind of sleazy… no?


To sum up. Our charity would be better. It would be classed up a bit. No. A lot. Ladies in business attire. Possibly in a lounge or conference room. Professional stock style photos.

SIDEBAR: Can fake boobs be classy? No. I mean, yes. Um, I don’t know and let’s just keep that rhetorical now. The reality is boob jobs are everywhere. Everyone seems to have them and really?

Who freakin’ cares.

Alas, the angst-filled deflated boobie broads already have a location to pine for pointed peaks. The Good Boob Deed charity is a bust.  Damsels now have new wave ways to manipulate men to get what they want for nothing. The art of hard work  has become an ancient alien.

images.jpegSIDENOTE: If you have an amazing husband or boyfriend who takes care of these things, fantastic! This is also celebrated! Mostly, in part, to the reality that you are a hard worker! You cook, clean, take care of children, and by golly, you allowed those damn kids slurp your upper regions into shriveled pancakes. You go girl! You earned those new ta-ta’s!


In closing, if anyone can actually take this idea and put into a profitable business I’ll be awaiting my check for providing the idea that made you millions. *wink


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