Tin Can Money

Unknown.jpeg I love money. Cha-China! I mean, I hate money. Boo! I mean, is it evil? Is it great? Irregardless the side of the fence you stand on, it’s a necessity.  Ugh, so true. Save it. Spend it. Step on it. Roll around in it. Toss it in the toilet. You decide either way.


I’ve been asked how I published my novel. By a wing and a prayer? Yes. A silent investor? Not exactly. A publishing company? Ummm, maybe. But rather I answer with a huge helping of sweetness, a shaker of jokingly and a dash of seriousness…. Tin Can Money.

Huh? Yes. Saving loose change, frequently visiting my local recycling center with empty water bottles and soda cans, and ah yes, dumpster diving on a weekly basis for coupons. Did she say dumpster? Yes. Not kidding. Doesn’t sound like something I’d do? Think again. I have NO SHAME (when it comes to much, really). No, really. I especially incur no shameful feelings when I am gregariously going after what I want. I’m a dreamer. I love pegacorns. I’m a go-getter. I see the big picture. I have a no-bullshit attitude. Where did I get this bruise on my elbow. And up until recently, unbeknownst to me – I’m also quite entrepreneurial. Thanks, Dad. That apple did not fall far from the tree… and ultimately smacked me right on the head. Plunk! Ow!


Or maybe the apple was thrown from the tree… Well, either way, I’m grateful. And the message I want to send out today is to be brave enough to know what you can’t do and implore help. What you can do, do with a feverish vengeance.  Make a plan. Break it all down into smaller steps. Do you hear that? Are angels singing? No, it’s just the apple. Yeah. Yeah.

Let’s be positive people. Always smiling. Annoyingly so.  I’m also a realistic gal. Where did I park my unicorn…  As you mosey along, your onset maturity should come to show itself. Dang it. Missed that one. Your mistakes of years past should illicit change of position to date. Blah. But true.

Just don’t get so busy so you can’t hang onto your fun side. Wahoo! Let’s build a fort!

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