Igloo Escapee

Falling in igloos? It could happen. Really? But the roof is rounded. Well there could be a block missing on the top of the dome.  Imagine: Somewhere… lost in a popsicle abyss, you yearn to seek warmth from this forbidden ice box and then BAM! you see the most fantastic globe of ice ahead of you. It’s an igloo. Don’t lick it. Because there is no one to free you from that tongue-stuck mistake. Maybe it’s a mirage. Okay, maybe not. So it is true, I did not fall off the face of the earth.  I fell into an igloo. No it wasn’t. I’m telling you, it was an Igloo. I can’t listen to this. Igloo.  Nope. Anyway, where have I been? In a Stouffer’s dinner microwave oven dungeon working on my next few projects, that’s where. What happened to the igloo made of ice blocks. Um, so you’re a frozen dinner now? That was just for fun. Somehow, freezing your butt off without the cloak of an inuit doesn’t sound so fun. Or warm. Oh geez. As you may have heard by now, I’ve got a few things airing on television and a book coming out. Shameless plugs coming; stand by. Drum roll please….

Airing reruns on TLC now! “Mannequin Mischief” episode
Commercial airing on Hallmark Channel (and ESPN too!)

My commercial for Curacao (several roles there) on Hallmark Channel, and Sex Sent Me To The ER on TLC, (I play the mother), and of course what we’ve all been waiting for; my debut thrilling romance novella! Yes! I have been writing a book! It’s titled Igloo Escapee. No, I’m just kidding. I was captured by pirate penguins! Fine, kidding again. It’s titled Harbor Excursions. Wait. What the heck is a novella? It’s a book, that is smaller than your average book. Oh, totally genius. I invented it. No, you didn’t. You’re correct, I did not. We are all so busy and finding the time to read a 300 to 400 page book (at minimum) just can’t fit into a lot of our daily schedules. Blah, tell me about it. No, don’t, that’s more reading. Total chore. In my opinion, reading shouldn’t feel like a chore. Thats what I said, it’s a chore. Ugh, no it’s not. Pay attention. Soo… a novella solves this problem. It’s anywhere from 90 to 150 pages, small enough to fit in your bag wherever you go (unless your an ebook type of reader -then you can carry hundreds of books). And by the way Harbor Excursions will be available in print and ebook. Which, regardless, it’s sort of like… Aw, it’s like a pocket size me. *batting eyelashes! Yay! Whisking me away to an igloo for a few moments to read a thrilling romance book?! I’m in! Especially if I’m trapped in an igloo mansion with pirate penguins who can cook. I do need a vacation. *sigh

One last tidbit, we are also running a contest promotion for the book until it’s mid-July release date where you can enter your email address for a chance to win one of three, signed copies of Harbor Excursions! Enter the contest and Good Luck! And watch out for unsuspecting penguins…

images.jpegunsuspecting penguins…

and igloos.

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  1. Too cute and can’t wait to read you book. Sounds perfect for work breaks and lunch. Gotta have:)

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