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Ice Water Medic

On my way to buy ice, again.

Ice water.  Normally room temperature. Out of the faucet. With a filter attached to it. Some hullaboo about brain freeze. Brain freeze. Yes. From Ice water? Um, yeah…  I get brain freeze from ice water. I hear your eyes bulging out as you read this. As I was saying so there’s no ice in my glass, ever. But lately? I. Must. Add. Ice…. So I started wondering… maybe my body is deficient. Needs a nutrient somewhere. Maybe it’s just hot out and I’m super thirsty? So I googled it. Oh geez. Basically I need some iron supplements, or a nap. Or I could be dying. You’re not dying. Isn’t it fascinating to know that something as little as a paper cut can contribute to an untimely “off-ing” of oneself?  At least, according to all these bull-crap, online “medical sources.” And dare I mention, and I say this with love…  Wikipedia is NOT a dependable source people. What? Why? Well, I’ll tell you.

Can’t a girl just crave some ice?

For a short time, I wrote for content mills and guess what? What, you found out you were thirsty? Pay attention. A lot of what you read online is fictitious bull. Not surprised. What’s a content mill? I’m getting to that. Let me catch you up to HOW a lot of articles show up on sites, including medical sites. Assignments are given to (anonymous) writers, just like me, (who’s not so anonomous and has a big mouth). Who’ve likely just googled the information,  just like you. They compiled their newfound (base) knowledge and voila! A medical post of bologna is born! Double check all your sources when researching shit online. Ok, so the “content mill” thing. Finally, that’s what I was asking about… If you’re unfamiliar, content mills are sites and/or companies that pay writers to churn out 10-20 articles a day for other websites, blogs, press releases and the like. Oooo, that sounds fun. Right? It’s not. It’s stressful. You believe you’re being handed quality assignments but really, anything that can be written and published is pretty much in these mills. And quality is compromised. Add salt into that paper cut… the pay is horribly low as well and any credit to the author is nonexistent. I was paid a whole $3 for a 500 word fashion article once-which did NOT help me payoff my lay-a-way couch. And on more than enough occasions, I didn’t get paid at all. Which took me that much longer to pay off my lay-a-way couch. And believe me, I did file a claim against one guy/company who hired me, and even with all my physical proof of my work, time and communication with said guy who hired me- the damn site denied my claim against them, NOT enforcing payment. Still angry about it much? Nope. I know my value, so I quit. But, the guy disappeared into the internet abyss. With no recourse. Let’s just say I didn’t stick to that type of freelance work very long because, let’s face it, it’s tough to buy your kid new cleats when you’re not getting paid. And three dollars for a day’s work, isn’t going to add up that quick either. Ok, so now you hopefully understand what a content mill is. Don’t do it, friends. Just. Don’t.

Back to the ice water. Ah, refreshing! Basically, the online medical consencous was: I could be anemic, have diabetes, be lacking iron, or even be on the verge of a heart attack. Awesome, fake medical pages, awesome. Or hey, how about I’m just dehydrated. Or I want to suck on some ice cubes becuase it’s a sweltering, hot mess fuckery outside. Excuse me while I stomp into my kitchen and pop open the freezer now… *ice falls all over the floor… Dammit.

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  1. Chewing on ice means u r low on iron, really thirsty all the time could be diabetic. Check out a doctor appointment and let him run test. Best scenario. Enjoy your freelance work, you will locate a good one, just have to keep plugging at it.

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