Quality Tea Cups

Getting back into routine is like trying to scale a building after being hit with a tranquilizer dart. Uh, yeah… It could happen. Scale a building, I’ll aim… and we’ll watch what happens. After being off for the holidays, it’s so hard to get back into the swing of things! Hey batter, batter! I just want to shop and eat. Oooo… Pretty stilettos! …And ham! 

But alas, I cannot. It’s busy working season for me, and for most of us, out there in the world. Trying to get those taxes done, working on multiple projects, kids need a thousand cupcakes by morning for their class… It’s a nonstop gig in January! And I finally took down that damn shrub that was taking up space in my living room. I gotta be honest, while I love the idea of the holidays, I honestly can’t stand them. And I cannot tell you how glad I am they are over. Are there any cordial cherries left?  While everyone else has been shopping their little hearts out and putting themselves in food comas, Im the girl trying to put in more hours than I have during the day to get work, finish work, and add more work into my dinner plate. If you read my posts often, you’ll notice I have been posting less than my normal five days a week. All this means is that Im taking my posts down to about three days a week from here on out -to sort of, lighten my load, so to speak. Wait. What? Didn’t you just say you have added work but now you’re…? Oxymoron much? Yes. I’m a walking conundrum. An enigma. Are you new here? Anyway, I am working on a few projects outside of the blog that are taking up a good chunk of my time -which I feel absolutely blessed to have and will absolutely give you the skinny on those at a later date- but this also means I need to allocate my time accordingly, so the quality of my work doesn’t suffer. No she didn’t. Stop snickering. Yes I totally did. Now I’m snickering. 

Oh hell, who am I kidding… Quality. If you’re anything like me at all-which you must be because you’re still reading- you already know I’m not everyone’s favorite cup of tea. Fuck yo cup o tea! Or quality! Whatever. I am nothing If I cannot laugh at myself… And with that, I bid adieu and welcome everyone into this new blessed, quality tea cups, year! Woop! Woop! Wait, what? 

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