Hot Guy Hack

How long is too long to text with a guy before moving toward the official date? Well, I don’t know about you, but for me? … if it’s longer than a week,  Im over it. Did someone hear the egg timer go off? And I’m already bored. And I burned my cake. And most likely over the new prospect as well. Anyway, I don’t care how hot you are. How great a catch you might be. Or how busy you are either. My theory is, if you are interested in dating me… Uh, date me and stop fucking pussy-footin’ around. Let’s go grab a squash and have a picnic already! Texting me questions deeper than “how’s the weather?” Will get you a few days with me of texting but not too much more of that. Yes, I adore fuzzy socks too! And if you’re asking me personal questions that are better suited to a face to face? Later gator. How do I like my steak? Oh good grief. I’m out. Taste the dust from my stilettos! 

Recently I met a gorgeous, tall, engaging fellow who asked me for his number and since I found him quite accomplished and -i must mention- very easy on the eyes, I gave my number to him. He texts me that evening saying how he enjoyed meeting me and the great conversation we had, and looks forward to going out. I’m giddy. Like a school girl. Got my pigtails flopping in the wind as I skip down the sidewalk. We go back and forth for about four or five days, the weekend is approaching and still no request for an official date. I like a man who plans. And I will NEVER be available for a guy last minute. So, I’m getting irritated and starting to respond a little less frequently. Saturday night. He texts, “Hey! We are going to the club, want to roll with us?” What the…. Uh, no. But, since sometimes I do have a filter, I reply, “no thank you I already have plans.” I know right! I had manners when he clearly did not. Mark it on your calendars, friends. There must’ve been a blue moon. Listen, hot guy hack, Im not going out with you and your friends. To a club. Last minute. When we haven’t even gone out to see if I even like you enough yet! 

He texts the next day. I don’t respond. He texts again. I don’t.  Til finally he says, “Hey, what happened to you.” Heres the bottom line guys, make an effort. If you half ass the energy into someone; you’re going to get even less back. I’m  not mothering a guy to be a gentleman because if he is really interested, he will be. And he WILL put in the effort. Unless his mother didn’t raise a gentleman then that’s a whole other issue… 

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