Happy Ghouls Day!

Cat Woman (me), Random Cop,
and random guy photo bombing it.

Ghoulish themed dinner anyone? Yes, I am attempting another hoorah in the kitchen. Screeching in horror. Armed with a fire extinguisher. My son is a bit too old-and way too freaking tall- to do the trick or treat thing. No I’m not. Son, you are. Here’s a bowl, you’re a Grecian goddess’ son, pass out the candy. He strongly disagrees. On the trick-or-treat stance. Although he likes making muscles like Hercules. Wow.

So get spooky! A Frankenstein inspired taco bake casserole. Yum. A bloody vampire lemonade with eyeballs floating in it. I can’t wait. Monster’s fingers breadsticks. Nom. Nom. Nom. I am staying far far away from throwing any pumpkin seeds in the oven. No more house fires thank you. But, I’m certain I can handle the rest of it.
We aren’t going to do the costume thing this year either; although I

Random Batman

love dressing up! Last year I was working on a set so I missed out on Halloween festivities. But the year before? Sexy cat woman. Rowr! I’m always a slutty version of something for Halloween. Hooker. Love it. Tramp. It’s the only time of year you can walk the street with your ass hanging out and not get arrested. No seriously, one year on the streets of San Diego, I saw a man with his butt cheeks on display for all to bear witness. I still shutter. It wasn’t the nicest pair of cheeks. So I’m stealing my son’s costume. No, not a shirtless female Hercules. Oooo, that be fun. Not the time Rita. Fighting stereotypical gender roles. Nor the place. Knock it off. Pretty sure I’d get cops at my door for that one. Most likely… And not the fun stripper-type police officers either. Dammit. I just had no time to shop. I’m opting to be a plane for Halloween. Not a sexy plane. Argh! Foiled again. Dammit. Just a blue plane… with red suspenders. 

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