Battery Toss

Since I have a really busy day planned today. Mai Tai’s and spring rolls qualify in the busy column, right?  I figured I’d show you guys a commercial I was in a few years ago. I know… Throwback Thursday Hashtags are tomorrow. But regardless, I continue. And to be more accurate, it would be more like, many moons ago… I was shuffling through items in my reel and since I have a new song, set to release this week, I have a little more on my plate than usual. More on my platter than laying around on my air mattress? You betcha. This commercial was what I would consider my first big commercial at the time. I hadn’t booked anything that serious at the time and when I got the part I was ecstatic. In the audition, I was thrown a tennis ball -that many females apparently could NOT catch successfully- and after getting the call that I had nailed the audition, it was my athleticism that saved my ass, I think. Thank you daddy for treating me like the son you never had! I found out later on while filming that I, indeed, got the part because out of the hundreds of girls that auditioned, I was the only one who could catch the sphere… Which, in the spec you will see that I actually had to be able to catch a small battery! Of course I caught that little bastard every time. This was my moment! Jason Dirron was a great director and the cast was super fun and into it the whole time. Ok, so here ya go! Hope you enjoy! See yall tomorrow! 

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