Watch Swag 101

I’m a fairly timely girl. Haha, what? I’m early for appointments. Says who? Says me. Zip it. I make sure projects make deadlines. Actually, I am good with that. And when I was little I would wear a watch constantly and check it as if I had minutes to live. Hypochondriac. That’s what happens when your on tight schedules though I suppose. No, that’s what happens when your a hypochondriac. But now, I don’t wear a watch. I barely check my phone for the time. Sometimes I make plans and they change abruptly. Free-spirit.

So why the hell did I wear a watch when I went out last week? Uh… Who does that? No one who’s sane.  I think if you’re wearing a watch to be fashionable -grandpa- then it’s cool. So, I thought I was being fashionable and it ended up becoming the butt of the joke. Hey Father Time! Fine. Doc, where’s the Deloreon? Jokes on me. Are you the going to show up naked in the woods? Seeing yourself as a little kid? Then an old woman? Haha, I can take it. Time Traveler’s Wife people, keep up.

Yuck it up, annoying friends of mine… The moment will come when I make fun of your style choices…. In the blog. Insert evil laugh here… Bwahaha! 

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