Predictability Factor

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I love being spontaneously driven to do what I want. Wind in my hair. When I want. No underwear. I love that about myself! …But sometimes, having a routine, would just fits the bill. And wearing underwear. The predictibility factor of waking everyday, at the same time, with the same a.m. routine, eating the same breakfast… Wait. Groundhog Day Coffee? With the same routes to work. No detours? Stop. Enjoying the simplicity of seeing the same people every day. No scenic routes? Putting my hands up like a traffic policeman. Hold up. Knowing that tomorrow will be just like yesterday. Crap… I’m wearing the same navy blazer. Did I shower last night? Whispering to myself… Please stop talking. Planning your travel according to your predictable schedule. Sure, we’ll get to Cancun… After three years of saving up vacation time. Shaking my head. No more. I… Can’t… I just… 

I’m not about that life.
 I think I just talked myself out of this daily predictibility. Whew! That was a close one. But I do drink a cup of joe every single morning. Expectedly. I wanted routine yesterday… What happened?! Pigeon-hole-ing. And I write this daily -somewhat predictably for you guys- look, I’ll tell you what happened. Well, ok I won’t lie, I write this daily for myself too. I got more than a thousand words in my head. And we all know I’d spew it all at an innocent bank teller. Or grocery bagger. Or sales girl. Wait, let me check… Nope, no tree outside with falling leaves every time I open my trap. It would be difficult to put duct tape on my mouth, I would’ve fought it just like Eddie Murphy in that movie too. . Back to the point. This ought to be good. Or a cluster-fuck. The thought of predictably knowing my daily routine without nary a hiccup would never work for me. Although it would for a time. Confusing much? I’m sure you forecasted that. I don’t know how folks do it day after day though. Somehow Id rather be held by my feet on the ledge of the Capitol Records building. 

The oxymoronic thing about predictability is that I am an adventurous workaholic. If you know me well, the answer to “wyd” is almost always… Sigh. I’m Working. So, in essence, I actually do the same thing(s), plural, every day but because I could be on a set one day and in the studio the next, I guess that’s where the unpredictable, predictability… Comes… From? Maybe cutting back on my daily coffee would…. Oh screw it. Just don’t put me in the same cubicle every day and I will be fine.

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