I noticed an adorable couple today, while a friend of mine and I were driving. Wait. You were both driving at the same time? Yes. Only monkeys can drive in tandem. Pay attention. He was taking pictures of her -with a really nice camera- while she was using her cell phone as a prop. That’s funny because the last time I had my phone on set, I kept it hidden in my bra/corset. No, we weren’t filming porn, perverts. It was a music video… get your minds out of the gutter. And the director, who was amazing, put out his hand and confiscated it from me. Dammit. Busted. I collected it later after class. I looked at her, while he clicked away, and she smiled. I smiled. Then we were giggling. Why do we girls do that? He turns around and pretends to shoot a picture of me… Well, never the one to take over someone else’s photo shoot…. Of course I smiled and gave a warning that I don’t play, I’m a ham. And…. I will absolutely start posing. Oh yeah? Yup. He starts snapping away -crap, I’m wearing my glasses- and I’m making goofy faces. Hambone photo bomb! Keep making that face and it will stick that way. I hope so. I don’t even think I’ve showered today actually. Hashtag, no makeup. Hashtag, no soap. Hair knotted on top of my head. Everyone’s laughing. Next thing I know… my friend, who’s been driving, shouts out of the window… “she costs money, you gotta pay, bro.” Wait. What? Did you just… Like a… Oh my Lord. You sound like a pimp. That just happened. 

First of all, I make friends everywhere I go. I can’t help it. I’m like-able. I like others. Sometimes. I’m

chatty. All of the time. My heart is on my sleeve. Most of the time. Duh, that’s why y’all keep coming back. It’s entertaining to watch a chimp in her environment. I’m just darn friendly and have no weird jealousy with other people-especially women- so I’m fairly approachable all the time. And ironically, Im not a fan of people. Overall. If I were a monkey, I’d throw poo all the time. Weird. Just kidding, people are great. Oops, you got poo in the eye. Wonder where that came from…. But, my hambone? Hmm.. I Have no idea where the poo flew from either… *whistling while I slowing back up into the shadows. Now that’s a cheesy side of me?  I just can’t put a lid on. Monkeys don’t belong in a barrel. Photobombing, unsuspecting photo shoots throughout the city. But, then again, who’d stop a monkey swinging into your shot by way of vine anyway?

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