Restless rock-a-bye

So I’m a bit picky about how I decorate my place. I’m a diva. Did you really think otherwise? Right. So, with that in mind, I would rather sleep on an air mattress than buy a bed that’s ugly. And believe it or not? I absolutely do. Air mattress diva. It’s weird how wanting something when you don’t have it motivates you. Practical diva. So when friends come over there’s no where to really… hangout yet, as I am going through a re-furnishing process. No shame in my couch game. And the look on your face right now is the same one everyone else gives me when they see it smack in the middle of the floor. But do I give a poo? Nope. Because unless you’re going to buy it for me, you’ll appreciate my air mattress, you furniture snob. 

So, now that you’ve accepted my ratchet choice, now you’ll have another obstacle to overcome. Did you put air in this thing? No, I haven’t put any air in the damn thing. Not since it was first blown up and thrown on the floor. As I dance around the room with pride, you’re faced with a fight or flight response. It’s entertaining, you’ll stay. Because its freaking awesome. Which, gets acknowledged, any and every time, someone visits. There is a method to my madness. I want the prettiest bed I’ve ever seen, DUH. But, I need to save up for it. Responsible diva. I’ve let the air slowly seep out. And I don’t like firm mattresses. I don’t want to feel like I’m sleeping on the floor. But you are. So as the ballon bed has acclimated to my body, it’s airlessness is part of the reason that cozy plastic sleeper and I are meant to temporarily be…  So zip it. Its squishy. Loving diva. I’ve disappeared into the cloudy softness type of mattress I yearn to dream. So if you have restless leg syndrome and you’re shaking away… Knock it off. The whole thing bounces when you twitch. This blow up bed does not have the adaptability of movement absorption like a temper-pedic. It’s more of a luxurious puff of air sleepery that any camper would blissfully be grateful. 

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