Movie Killers

Probably why you missed me in this scene
Get off your phone.

Ssshhh, I’m watching a damn movie. Jabber jaws. Get off your phone. Text technology, ever hear of it? Besides, there is plenty of time to be on your phone… the other 22 hours of the day. Why the hell are you people looking at your phones during a movie anyway? $20 per person for a movie, you’d think you’d want to see your investment at work. Nope, the phone that no one is texting you on is more important. I see your screen. Maybe, don’t… utilize text technology. Brightest setting ever. I tend to notice everything. It’s a sickness. I’m detail oriented. It’s annoying to me too. I’m the worst to take to a movie because I can lose interest so quickly if the story doesn’t grab me or the actor loses character. Holier than thou complex. Shrugs. So, while at a movie over the weekend, I couldn’t stop seeing people pick up their phones throughout the entire film. Hello… Denzel said something foreshadowing a further event. And now I missed it. How annoying can you be? Yep, I went there. 

Or this scene…
Get off your phone.

If you don’t have time to see a movie because you’re worried your going to miss a Facebook update then get the hell out of the theatre. Opt for the rental selection at Red Box instead. Click on HBO and watch movies on the comfort of your tablets. Some of us actually go to movies to watch them. Not watch our phones. Or yours, for that matter. It was completely distracting. Condescendingly berating. The addiction to our phones are real and disgusting. And believe me, I’m no exception either. I’m ALWAYS on my phone. I blog, photo bomb  post, share and sometimes take an occasional phone call. Hello?  It’s always strange to hear someone’s voice and in my head I always think, we could’ve accomplished this via email. Or text. Which, doesn’t change the fact that I’m still multi-tasking while on the phone with whomever. Yes mom I heard what you last said… Oh really? What did I say? Gurgle, gurgle… uh,  elephants and Tiffany lamps or something? Yes, you like Tiffany lamps with elephants on them. What? No?  You didn’t hear a word I said. Oh… You need to go to the store to find batteries. Dammit. 

Whatever… turn your phones off at the movie theatres, movie killers. 

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