The 5k Views Duck Lip Salute

A huge thank you everybody!!

Duck Lip Salute! 

I can’t believe there are so many of you out there reading my zany posts. I give you the 5k duck lip salute! Quack! Quack! I’m so grateful and I want to thank you all! Regular readers and new readers alike… The blog has reached well over 5,000 views in such a short amount of time and keeps climbing. You little spider monkeys, you. I know I’m a little out of the box. Cardboard is awesome. I am pocket sized. Ball me up and fit me in your jeans. Which makes me…  portable? Or shippable? I don’t know. Well, regardless, it somewhat explains my madness… But, what the hell is is wrong with you guys and gals? Wackos. I know. You’re all twisted like me. Thank you for reading and encouraging me to unbottle the crazy, day in and day out. I appreciate you for coming back every day to enjoy you some daily fakery. And for passing along that fuckery for others as well! And they say the literary word is dead in our society. #deadawesome Shenanigans, I say! Shenanigans!

I started this blog to mark my journey in the entertainment business. More like monkey business. Monkeys in a cage. At the zoo. Not really. Actually, very really. But I’m still a monkey just the same. And, at first, the blog…  it didn’t quite make sense. It wasn’t fun. It was boring. So I dropped it. In fact, I thought that if I was bored with it,  why would anyone else find it interesting? They didn’t. Snore fest. Reading about anyone’s career struggles is fine if it’s one article here or there… zzzzz. Trailing off into dreamland in the middle of sentences isn’t good. But that daily grind? BLAH. Boring! Even in my industry of choice, it’s just not that glamorous. Sure, the airbrushed photos and scripted shows and perfected songs make it look so appealing to everyone else; But, the real nitty gritty of it? Well, it just sucks. Big balls you can’t choke down sucks. So I put it down for a few months and forgot about it. Then, one day, It hit me. I was a rhinoceros with a revelation. Slapped myself on the forehead. Rhinocerous?  I knew how to make this blog worth reading. So i woke up, I shined up my diamond crystalled keyboard…  Ok, rhinestone. I love pretty sparkles. Drank my coffee -no coffee, no function- and I started my scroll with a new way to infringe upon you my unsolicited thoughts and ideas. With all my personality. And randomness. And it it has been shaping itself ever since. Still confused. What’s with the rhino? I don’t know either. Pay attention.
Moral of the Story… Huh?

Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. I’m an obsessive compulsive workaholic with a flair for the funny. I’m deep and complicated but I make the effort every day to enjoy life. Live it to the fullest. Mmmm… cake with sprinkles. I have fat days. Bad hair days. Tired days. Fuck my life, I’m over it days. Bottom line. I’m not perfect. But… That’s what makes me perfect. And as long as I feel I am giving my best for me, and for all my friends out there in cyber space, it can only keep climbing. And hell, even if it didn’t, I find solace in writing daily. All this verbiage cannot, I repeat, cannot be contained. I’d write this bad boy everyday even without an audience to enjoy it with me. Ticking time bomb. Kablowie! Words all over the room. Splattered on the walls, the ceilings… loquacious phrases dripping from the chandelier. Can you imagine the explosion of word vomit if I kept all this rattle inside my head? Me either. And so, I’ll continue to share my garrulous terminology with you all to spread cheer and chuckles every week. Spread what? Yeah, sounds messy… but what’s life without a little chaotic schmearing on your cheek. 

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