Skirt Awareness

It’s the wardrobe malfunction that comes from being skirt deep in a kiss. Smoochie woochie. Caress my thighs please. Yum thanks! How is it your so into whatever it is your doing that you don’t realize you’ve got your dress hiked up over your head?! Maybe try taking a break from your kissing booth duties. Maybe hold off on your weekly alligator wading pool extra curriculars. 
I recently found myself cloth over head coming out of the bathroom. Didn’t realize it. Oh yeah. Good times. Ass cheeks hanging out because I was clueless to my backside looking for attention. Streaker ambition. Maybe. Think anyone was going to say, hey chick, you’re apple bottom is waiting for it’s close up? Hell no. My stroke of luck. Didn’t even get to make out with a boy to acquire this little problem. Dammit. Any volunteers? 
Next time, you’re caught with your pants down, consider the alternative. Mine sucked. At least you had an awesome kissy sesh story to elaborate on…. The highlight of my story was falling in the toilet. 

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