Bawling Bowler

Dating is supposed to be fun. I think I’m having fun. So doing fun things together is part of that process. Please not another movie date. So why, oh why… on earth, did I choose to go bowling?! Anyone who knows me knows: bowling + me = sore loser. 
But this was not my typical game play. No siree bob. Not this rouse around. I was kicking ass. Boo yah! I was on fire. Watch out! Witnessing first hand my ball rolling genius at work. E=mc pink bowling ball squared. As my round, three-holed pink unicorn made it’s way down the lane, each time better than the first. Winner. Winner.
Here I thought I was going to go into a tizzy. A losing streak is have to crawl my cranky ass out of and I end up whooping everyone’s butt! It’s like my wii bowling all over again! Take that flop. I am no longer the disadvantaged bawling bowler. Wah. I am victorious. I’m awesome. I shall now be known as the brawling bowler now. Boom! I challenge thee dud… to duel. All ten frames. I will pity you not. No crying. Baby. 

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