Cricket Luck Pants

In my hotel, I was sitting on the bed, writing… And I saw something move from the corner of my eye. Creepy shadow? I jumped. Not a creepy shadow. But, it didn’t jump. Just curious, do creepy shadows jump? It sat there… Staring at me. Creeping along… One little leg at a time. Antennae twitching back and forth… like it was just there to say hello. It was a cricket. A cricket, in my hotel room, chillin on my bed… On the fourth floor… Staring at me. 

I smashe it without hesitation. Whaaaat?! I thought it was a roach! You would have done the same thing. I put him in the sink and when I walked back, completely forgetting about it, there he was… Sauntering around the sink. Walking right up the sink and staring at me. What do you want Mr. Insect?! A hug? Nerve endings? Well… I scooped him up and let  him out. He we as clearly meant to live and it got me to thinking… Maybe he’s trying to send me a message? 
So, I had to google it. And after I was just venting to my mother for three hours on dating, work, life… And, the order of which -those things- should be rearranged. Turns out, the spirit animal of the cricket sends a message of extreme luck! Uh, totally awesome. Bring it on. It also represents strong intuition AND coupled together with a belief in ones self… Anything is possible. Cotton candy-eating pegacorns! Like, I needed anymore persistence or confidence. I had to go and read about the damn cricket spirit animals. 
…and now, with no stopping me, I dance along every path I encounter, with my cricket luck pants on!  

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