Miniature Moo Moo

There are many different sides to me. Not in a multiple personality disorder, kind of way; But, in more of a… I have vast interest on a many varied plane, kind of way. I love dressing up and going out. I also love just hanging out in my sweats. With my hair knotted up, high on my head. Like, in a dorky, kind of way. I love the city. Vroom! I love the country. Pass the banjo. I was raised around animals -both domestic and farm. I’m not going to say I left the gate open… But if there are sheep missing, it wasn’t me. Or maybe it was. Either way, my insane allergies are now a problem; But, I’ll still hug a cow on a tight rope to get in some animal love. Squishy Moo Love. 

My sister is babysitting a miniature calf. Miniature Baby Moo Love. Literally, a miniature breed of cow. Gets about three to four feet tall. Baby Bovine Love. Costs around 2000$ to 4000$. Pricey Bovine Moo Love. And the most adorable little nuggets you ever did see! Eyes like glassy marbles. Poos like a Newfoundland. You choose the nuggets of interest here. Last night I was privy to meeting one who couldn’t stop sucking on my fingers. A little slobbery much? And licking my legs. How’s that shower curtain taste? But adoring as all get out. Moo Hug Love.

She’s only three weeks old and probably needs to be fed more than she’s being fed by the owners; But, she seemed a happy cow nonetheless. Happy Moo. Anyone ever seen an angry cow? That’s a fight for a hill I don’t want to be on. Angry Hostile Moo. Sometimes all a cow needs is a trapeze and a dream…  

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