Shower Leg

Finally! I have a shiny, new shower curtain. Gone, the ever-annoying, plastic drape that continued to assault me and my wet body parts. Confused? Let me break it down. 
Every time I would get in the bathtub, there was a draft that would come up from around the backside of my hind quarters… from the rush of water on the shower head. How? I don’t know. Stroke of luck, I suppose. With each gust of water wind, this damn factory made curtain of death, would envelope me with it’s wet and sticky grocery bag feel. It’s my fault really for purchasing it from the .99 cent store. What did I think I was getting? A silk tapestry… No.  Hand-woven with love and tenderness…. Nope. Designed with a uniqueness all it’s own. Not a chance. Thanks Dollar Tree. I feel so individual. So diverse. There wasn’t even the magnetic pieces inside at the bottom part where the trim should’ve been to help it stick to the side of the basin. 
Finally, with my new cloth shower curtain with silk stripes in tow, I’m checking out of my favorite Ikea store. Lassoing it up on it’s rings and I’m ready to try it out. Its goodbye to my Stage Five clinger of a leg sucking shower curtain and on to a stick-free plastic suffocating existence… Ah, the freedom! 

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