Sleepy Castle

I’m going to invent a business that allows you to stop when you are tired and take a snooze. Not a hotel. Not a rest stop. But a sleepy castle type of rest stop. So you can take a nap. A kind of auberge… with which to stop.  A bonified conk out stop. It’s so needed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been waiting around for whatever to happen and I could have gotten in some zzzz’s! Waiting to check into a hotel. Need a few winks. Checking out at hotel. Need a nap. Waiting for airplane. Neck pillow please… And an ottoman. 
Yesterday, I was falling asleep in a fast food place. I needed to charge my phone. No outlets. I needed a coffee. No coffee maker around for miles. Or coffee shop. I need a personal barista. Boom. I know, I’m a problem solver.  I needed a damn cot to rest my weary head! I couldn’t check into my hotel yet.. So I was stuck. I could try to close my lids in my car; But, it being over a hundred degrees and all… It seemed I might be risking heat stroke in the environment. I can’t carry my personal camel around with me everywhere I go. Moistening me in this wretched heat with his perfect aim of spit; But, it’s because he’s too big. And loveable. Everyone would pet Charlie – an exclusive edition, face wetting, spitting good time. He licks your ears too. But he’ll blame it on the inanimate balloons hanging from the mailbox. 
OPERATION: SLEEP CASTLE was born. Since I love pegacorns and the princess treatment. I thought a castle theme would be the absolute perfection in sleeperies! I already booked my gurney. Oh! Just a noteable mention for my fellow pervs out there…
No sex in the champagne bunk! 

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