Time To Book

Walking around Barnes & Noble, killing time, while also entertaining my nerdy self, I noticed, a gentleman kept perusing close to me in every isle I went to… That is, until He saw me pick up a copy of “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain.” Ha! That’s right, future prospect. My female brain is about to be unleashed! Can you handle it? And then he looked down to see my intent to purchase “All Men Are Jerks *until proven otherwise.” Umm, no comment. Don’t judge me. Whaaat… The excerpt was hilarious. I guess my copies of American songwriter and Pianist magazines was what reeled him in. I looked smart. And creative. Man-magnet stuff right there folks. But definitely watching his face misconstrue at the site of a -what appears to be-  man-bashing book was far too much for him to bear. Excuse me sir? Your face might stick like that if you keep it up. Hey, where ya goin? Why you walking so fast? Oh guess you will not be able attempt to manipulate me for sex? Oh, but it would have been so fun to manipulate you for for sex. In which case… Maybe I should follow him around the store. 
Sigh. Too many books. Too little time. So I’m trying to take a heyday to read through some of my favorite authors. It’s summer. There’s supposed to be time for this. I need more time. Theres suppose to be tons of time. There’s never enough time. Dammit. But, the problem lay, where I just can’t decide on what mood of book I’m in. Funny? I love to laugh. I Love Lucy-style books are the best. Mystery? Who dunnit? The maid with the candle stick in the barn, my dear Watson. Non-fiction? Eh, real life crap? Most likely not, I enjoy the escape of stories so much more. Pass. Which to choose. Eeny. Meeny. Miny. Mo. 
I would love to hear some suggestions from you guys and gals out there. Teen fiction? Romance? Not in that order. Just feels wrong. Wait. Are there teen romance novels? Study your geometry instead! I checked out the kids section of Barnes & Noble too… I figured I’d broaden my immaturity with a stroke of genius and I searched through kids humor books. But, my choice of Wimpy Chronicles was probably not a good look. Unless I’ve digressed. To age eight. Which is likely. 

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