Famiglia Friday

Happy Friday! Last night at home before I get back to the fast lane. It’s a big family hubbub and kids are wrecking the yard with bad mitten rackets, while another kid shows off her tomato garden. Wow. Those are probably the best tomatoes, EVER. How did you… They are so tasty and juicy. Ummm, nevermind, I’m not growing any veggies. No green thumb here.

So… me? I’m just sitting back and taking it all in. Drinking my ginger ale and watching the lightening bugs. Or fireflies. I love lightening bugs. I remember chasing them around the yard at dusk when I was younger. And… Uh, now. (I’m so mature… And you love it) Catching them in a large mason jar, with holes poked in the top. What… I’m not a monster. You’ve got to let them breathe, you know. Gazing endlessly at them, glowing like mini night lights. It gets pitch dark out in the countryside. I need a lightening bug, or three. Make fun of me for being scared of the dark and I’ll hurt you. Ok, I’m not really afraid of the dark. But, that’s because I have my baby light bugs to light the way. Ta-Da! 
While every one else is either on the porch or playing bocce ball in the yard. Yes, that is a real game. Old people usually play. Or Italians. Usually old Italians. Ah… I enjoy watching them argue over the rules. That keep changing. But, no one wants to look them up. And be wrong. And as I attempt to reiterate the rules through google, I’m being cast aside for being just a kid playing on her damn phone. Kids these days. I remember the days we had to write letters to our friends. Or look up facts in encyclopedias. Wait. I’m not a child… No guys, listen, you can look up information on the Internet. On your phone. Without lugging around an entire set of reference books. Get lost kid. Go chase your bugs. Oh, forget it… Enjoy your weekend everybody! 

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  1. I was watching the fireflies in my back yard last night. It’s one of the things of summer that I look forward to. It’s great to listen to the crickets and tree frogs while the fireflies sparkle in the night.

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