Munchie Monster

First I snacked on some fruit. Healthy option. Wait out the cravings. Good job Rita. I’m only snacking out of boredom. I’m so bored. And then it happens… Cinnamon streusel cakes.  So delicious. Bad Rita. Combos, pretzel pizza flavored. I love those with a side of Rockstar Energy Drinks.  I hate myself. Ugh. Really bad, Rita. Now I feel bloated. Ok, but I still want to eat. I’m a bottomless pit and now I’m hyper. Rice Chex. They’re gluten free. What’s that going to hurt? I only need to worry about the hidden sugars here, right? After half a box… Ok, it was almost the whole crate. But, in my defense, it was already opened and at least one bowl was missing from it. I need an empty calorie filler. Something without calories and fills me up so I don’t keep gobbling up everything in sight. I grab some Peppermint tea. Then, chamomile. My theory is, if I fall asleep from the dozing effects of the chamomile… Maybe I will stop this crazy snack attack Madness. I don’t stop. 

Strap on the feed bag. I turned on the oven and baked up some lil ceasars breadsticks kit from the treasure chest of snackery. I love frozen discovery finds. I’m the Bear Grylls of grocery! I’ve never seen these before. I don’t think we can get the on the west coast! At least I’ve never seen them. Either way, I’m going in on these. Lil Ceasars are the breadstick kings -in my opinion- and now there’s a do-it-yourself kit? Holy buttery goodness batman?! 

Fifteen minutes and a receptacle of Parmesan bread later… I’m reaching for my coconut coated cashews. Yum. Healthy. This will do it… Ugh. These taste healthy. And they’re not satisfying my cravings. Skinny Girl Sweet Thai Chili Corn Chips. Eh… I emptied that bag without nary a complaint. And I can toss back that whole bag, just because they’re deemed healthy. Coconut Fudge and Caramel Cookies. Fine. You look tempting. Just a nibble. Well… They look like the Girl Scout cookies we all know and love. Oh and half a container later my teeth hurt and I’m still looking for another snack to fulfill my destiny. Ah! Bugles. Nope. Yes. I consume that. Look, that pouch is the size of a small book. And there was literally, three bugles in the whole sack. Chips ahoy. Nope. Yep. I did that. Pirouettes. What was there… Like, five, in THAT canister? I feel like I’m going to implode from the inside out. And the sugar crash.  Thats about to over power me. Fight it. Ooo… Brie cheese and crackers. Chow down. Alright, I’ve got to stop this munchie monster inside of me and go take a run. The deafening cries of the strawberry shortcake never had a chance. Ok, snap out of it. Get off my wide load and exercise. 
…Right after I take a nap.

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