Narcolepsy knock knock

Sleep. I lack it. Sleep helps us grow. I’m still growing? Sleep helps our bodies heal. Did I overpower a mountain lion last night? Sleep helps our bodies regenerate. Lion tamer extraordinaire. We need it. And I just don’t get much of it. The wheels on my bus go round and round. Well, what I mean is, the sand man, rarely visits me. Knock. Knock. Hello? 

But, if you plop my butt down, in a lost city, who’s claim to fame is a hot shoppe that no one past county lines has ever heard of? Then, suddenly, I’m convinced I could be diagnosed as narcoleptic. Hello, small town. Pass me a hot dog. On second thought, don’t. Vegetarian. Yes, I’m back. Snoring away. Day in. Day out. I’m used to a go, go, go kind of hustle and here I am, forced by the hand of boredom, to do this thing called… Relax. This will be interesting. I can’t believe people can just hang out like this. How do you know where the line from relax to narcolepsy actually is anyway? Ooo… Cream sticks. Oh? Never heard of those? More on that on another post. Wink. Wink. Focus. Where’s the dark roast coffee around here? Strong. Dark. Awake roast. I have No deadlines this week? I have time off? What the f*** am I going to do? Time for another siesta. 
Every day… As much as I’m enjoying it, I must say, the mundane existence of my vacation… is driving me to sleep. And snore. Incessantly. Snoozing my time off, as the days pass by. Including the strange dream I had with me taking a catnap in a bath tub while a woman walked by wearing my favorite sunglasses. Thieving wench. I don’t know… But, I am still curiously annoyed how she got my shades. Stupid dream thief.  And I’m pretty sure before I woke up she was going to trade them for some whiskey and candy bar. Maybe if I doze a little longer, Prince Charming will creep up on me, land a smooch on my noggin… 

Or not. 

All I realize, as I write this morning’s post, is that even though I’ve double tablespooned (not a real word) the medium roast coffee in the pantry to the filter of the coffee pot. It seems from carafe to cup… It still lacks it’s oomph to get me going this a.m. Apparently double scooping does NOT equate a medium roast bag of ground beans to a dark roast. Lesson learned. Well, most likely not, I’m pretty sure I’ll try this again tomorrow. With a scoop-a-rama mamma jama. Zzzzz…. 

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