Pet peeve

I hate when someone texts you from a number you don’t recognize and acts like “hey, how ya doin?” Wtf?! I’m pretty sure a couple of scenarios have been concluded as to why I don’t recognize your number at this junket. 

1. I gave you my number and you waited so long to use my number I don’t have you saved. Fail.
2. We exchanged numbers and I figured out you were full of s*** so didn’t bother calling you.. Citing, again, why you aren’t saved in my phone. And since clearly, you took so long to contact me, you probably had a different agenda. Which is why I don’t remember you or your number. Fail.
3. You were a douche bag who did contact me and upon discovering this,  I swiftly tossed your number AND didn’t bother saving it either. 
Dodged a bullet.
4. Last but definitely not least. If you were lucky enough to get my number, directly from me, and didn’t use it within a few days. Game over. Epic fail. 
Moral of the story? Don’t take a phone number you don’t intend on using within a reasonable moment in time. If you just want to f***, say so. At least we won’t  have to play the “what’s up?” Charade with me responding to you by saying “who’s this?” Stop the mind games. Your not that hot and clearly unmemorable. AND if you just be the nice normal guy your mother adores, it might get you somewhere… 

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