Altruistic Love

Roadblocks come in many different forms… They can come in the form of a literal, physical “roadblock” or they can be much  more subtle and manipulative. You can feel like you have finally found where you belong, yet, have no idea what underlying “roadblocks” are put in your path attempting to destruct everything you have been building. Ultimately, claiming your fate back to where you started. Not belonging anywhere. Or to anyone.  So many times we make great strides to find a sense of who we are and who is meant to be in our lives, and without warning, we are slam dunked into a black pit of sorrow and disdain of having gotten it “all wrong.” Throwing out the wonders of our minds with deep curiosity and painful negotiation to NEVER put ourselves in that situation again… Or, the age-old revelation of, why on earth did I allow myself to get caught up in something where all the “red flags” were prevalent? To live with an open heart – with only honestly to run its breath – takes much more strength, endurance, and tears than, ANYONE, who can live in lies and deceit. Those who can callously “roadblock” the ones with only love in their heart do so because of their maniacal incentive to survive… feeding off those who altruistically love. Then there’s the ones who live by doing “nothing”… by “allowing” things to happen around them so they can lay victim to what insidious occurrences run their course. Whether deliberate or passively, if you are a painstaking form of a “roadblock” you do not behave in love…

Turn it around. Find the altruistic behavior locked deep inside you. Hold the door open for others, let the car get in front of you easily on the highway that needs to merge, stop when you see someone who needs help. Teach a child to learn independent, compassionate habits that will last a lifetime. Because odds are karma will find it’s way with you. Directly or indirectly. Karma can be good or bad. I choose to live altruistically… Regardless of the outcome. Do you?

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